Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Morning After - Blizzard 2016

To answer the question everyone seems to want to know..... we got about 22 inches of snow. Drifts and snow shoveled piles up to my shoulders in some places.

Today is a bright sunshiny, dry day. This will really help with  clean up efforts.

I'm glad we did our shift shoveling yesterday. It made this morning's workout easier. The snow had a little more weight to it overnight. I'm glad we only had inches instead of feet to remove. Katie from next door and Joe from two doors down helped Dave shovel out the back and we all dug out our cars in the front again this morning. The wind is still strong although nothing like yesterday.

As of right now my train to Harrisburg is still going tonight. They've cancelled 4 of the days Keystone Trains but so far not mine. I'm excited to be heading to Harrisburg which got close to 30 inches, the most in 30+ years. I'm looking forward to seeing the Susquehanna River with all the  snow.

Here are some more photos from this morning.

Wind blown snow on the new windows which held up
beautifully in the blizzard conditions

The side yard which also doesn't get much photographic attencion

Our house the morning after

Was trying to get the sun and didn't even see the
moon until just now! 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Blizzard 2016 Part II

I always take photos from the front of the house. So equal time this time for the back. Very blurry because of the wind blowing the snow.

It's been a long day of sitting around doing nothing between two rounds of snow removal. Round 2 was harder than round 1 because it was windier and therefore colder.

I attempted a snow angel and it felt so good to be lying in the snow I thought about staying there. Well, it felt good (it did) AND I couldn't heft myself up without messing the angel. Dave had to rescue me. It's me. :)

We hedged our bets on dinner by going to Wawa yesterday for hoagies. The rationale being that if the power went out hoagies would mean less in and out of the fridge. The power is still on and I'm really glad we did the Wawa run anyway because i do not feel like cooking and I doubt Dave feels like cleaning up! We have some home made onion soup delivered by our neighbor to enjoy as well.

Not sure of our totals. Friends west of here are reporting 20+inches. I don't think we have that much. Maybe 15? 18 possibly? I'm not complaining. It's nice to finally have winter even if it was all in one day.

I feel bad for the shore which got hit bad with storm surge (and it's not over yet) and the folks stuck on the turnpike for hours and hours and hours. Hoping they all make it to where they need to be safely.

Keep smiling and keep moving
I'm very tired ......

Blizzard 2016 Saturday (Part I)

7:00 a.m.

The heat came on several times over night. To give you an idea how cold it is, the furnace is set to 55 after 11:00 p.m. The wind brought the temps into the teens outside.

We woke up to this out our front door.

According to the radar and Action News, we are in a lull of sorts so we decided it was time to head out to remove a layer of snow. It's supposed to blizzard all day. While hydrating and coffee-ing up in preparation for snow removal part I, I checked my mail and Facebook.

"Carmen Tansey See! You wished for snow for sooooo long! See what happened???
 Paula Tansey: Rather it's all those who wished it wouldn't and made mother nature hold it in. Look what happened!"

Last night I had to leave a message for Emma because it's what we do when it snows. Here is what I found this morning ...

Me (on her timeline) "It's snowing in Media, Pa"

"Emma Pollum: Oh boy! It's 80 degrees and sunny here, and I'm heading out for my surf lessons soon. Hope you enjoy your frozen tundra!"

And with that, it's time to shovel.

1 Hour and 15 minutes later
 The walks are all cleared as well. Couldn't get the cars and the walk in the same shot.

It's hard to tell we shoveled the walks. A light snow
started just as we were finishing up. 
Our neighbor Katie came out as well and between the three of us we got all three cars and our shared and respective walks cleared. We also cleared a path from the curb to the street for our across the street neighbor who stuck her head out to scold us for blocking her in. The snowplow blocked her in. We did add to the snow plows pile in parts - not to the extent she was implying - so we did cleared a path. The three of us agreed it was easier than arguing. But somebody needs a lesson in "You'll get more if you ask nicely".

Time to defrost and eat.

Keep smiling and keep moving,

Friday, January 22, 2016

It's Snowing!!

So why is snow such a big deal? You might think it's because I'm a meteorological winter baby. That could be part of it. It's not a secret that I wish for snow on my birthday every year. But that's not the reason. My fascination with snow is tied to my fascination with weather.

Snow is weather magic! For days we've talked about this storm coming. It's been cold but otherwise nothing to suggest any change in the status quo except the words of hard working and under appreciated forecasters. Then just like that snow arrives. It was 6:30 p.m. in Media, btw.

Thunderstorms are another piece of weather magic. All the things that have to be just right for it to happen. So yeah, thunder-snow puts me over the top.

6:30 p.m. First Flakes Falling

7:15 a coating on the sidewalk and porch

Still 7:15 a little on the cars too

8:40 starting to fall a tad heavier. 
 Ok that's it for tonight. See you tomorrow.

-Keep smiling and keep moving

It's Going to Snow

Not like THIS. This happened earlier this week. A teaser for the #blizzard2016. I feel like a kid at  Christmas waiting for it. Unlike Christmas though - which for the most part really does arrive every time they say it will - snowstorms have a habit of changing direction and intensity. I've waited to post anything about it so as not to scare this one away. I think I'm safe although it hasn't started yet.

My sister texted me earlier today

"Hey! Did ya hear? We might get some snow this weekend. Hope you get to wear you boots. XOXO"

I'm extra grateful for her kind alerts since my regular snow messaging buddy, Emma is in Marakech right now. Follow her and her boyfriend on their grand adventure here. I feel an extra need to journal this storm since Emma and Matlack won't be here to see it. Stay tuned.

Stay safe, be smart all
Keep smiling and keep moving

Sunday, January 17, 2016

You Have Nothing to Loose

One difference between training for an event and training for life. All that matters is doing something. Time and distance don't matter. :) And when you have great people to meet - folks who are genuinely glad to see you  - it's a no brainer.

So despite waking up tired and congested I knew going was the right choice. We weren't meeting until 9 and I could always walk after sending the rest on their way. After a bottle of water and a cup of coffee I felt better and with temps in the low 30s I decided to start out running.

After 4 or 5 2/1 intervals I waved the group in front of me off and activated my watch to do my own intervals. I stayed in sight if them for a good part of the remainder of the run but slowly dropped farther and farther behind. I kept an interval of running and walking but switched to 1 and 1 on the last uphill cause my heart did it's thing. Likely a result of the extra work fighting the congestion. More walking did settled it down.

My left hamstring started to get cranky toward the end (as it has been of late) but it seemed to take longer for that to happen so that's something. I'm trying to do more regular stretch and strength work on the hamstrings and the the support team (glutes, hip flexors, core etc). Gotta do more and I will.

In other news, it snowed today. A coating on the trees and lawn.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Live the Dream in 2016

My new year fitness promise to myself is to continue training for life.

Regular readers of my blog (Thank you BTW) know that I began this effort shortly after missing the 2015 Super Hike in September. Let's call October the "official" start. I think I mentioned already that the two most noticeable changes are that 1) I work out more regularly than I ever did when I had event goals dangling in front of me and 2) I am much more forgiving of myself when I miss a workout or a workout goal. I've also noticed the self-forgiveness thing creeping into other aspects of my life too. Pretty cool, huh?

I am not completely cured of the desire to strive for something "brass ring-ish". Just last night I spent what could be considered an inordinate amount of time on the idea of a self-made event involving traveling by foot over an ultra distance. Spreadsheets and map searching to see if it's possible (it is) were involved. The good news is I was able to extricate myself from that process (although I saved my work) and refocus on training for life.

It's all good. I don't really want to be 'cured' of the brass ring wishes. Having a goal isn't bad. I just need time build a base of patience and acceptance first.

This morning Dave and I met a group from Perkis People for miles on the trail followed by breakfast. 6 years we've been doing this. I've been tired this past week. Likely due to the sort of cold thing that won't go away. It showed in my inability to catch my breath after the run intervals.  It would have taken a lot more to get me to miss it this tradition though.