Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Somedays it just doesn't feel like a good idea

At 5:00 when I arrived home it was still 90 degrees. My head was already spinning from an allergy attack so I bagged my run today.

My lower legs and ankles are swollen today. It's possible I overdid it drinking water today. I tend to drink often and I'm usually ok but come to think of it I finished off two large water bottles today...and I was inside all day.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Today was a gym day. 25 minutes on weight machines; 35 minutes elliptical. Not much to say about it. It is what it is. I completed it though.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Today is a rest day in my schedule. Can't say I'm sorry about that. It was 90+ degrees and now at almost 10:30 it's still in the 70's. Tomorrow it's back to the gym.

I have mapped out my runs to prepare for Goofy on a spreadsheet. I hope it's enough. I'm not in this to make any PR's just to finish. Yet I hope I'm putting in enough mileage to last the weekend when the time comes. My highest combined back to back will be 34 and I will do that twice before the Goofy weekend.

I've never trained for anything like this before. I've tried to read as much as I can about Ultra training even though I won't be doing the distance in one day. I've also read a few blogs from others who have completed Goofy and used my marathon training schedule to help too. So I've put together something that makes sense to me. I guess January will tell if my instincts are right.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

18 miles in less than 26 hours

This morning I went to the East-West River Drives loop (aka Martin Luther King BLVD and Kelly Drive). The loop is about 8.5miles so I added half a mile to make it an even 9. Without the fog and cloud cover it was much more difficult than yesterday's 9. However, now that it's over I don't feel any worse than I would normally feel trying to finish 9 miles in those conditions. In other words, the back to back run aspect was manageable. Today anyway.

Other things to note:
- The Saucony's held up great in their first long run. No ankle, knee or related issues. No blisters.
- Strawberry-Banana Gu is a little bit better than Raspberry.
- The last time I covered the distance from the Falls Bridge back down to the Art Museum the temperature was 60 (!!!) degrees cooler.
- I finished before the last dog . There was a fund raising event for dogs (Pink Paws or something like that) going on around the area and as I was stretching after the run and dousing myself in water the last dog and his/her master crossed the finish line. I have no idea when they started.

Coming up this week:
- Off Monday
- A gym workout on Tuesday
- 5 miles in Media on Wednesday
- 5 miles in Media on Friday
- 14 miles with USAFIT Philly on Saturday (not sure where yet)

After that I will be off until at least the following Friday. I'll be on vacation until labor day weekend. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to cover on vacation. I hope to do some but I will not let running control me. :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

9 miles, 100% humidity, 1 lost (and found) teenage

Today we ran for 9 miles at Oaks. 9 miles is just a bit short of the CVS on Rt 29 in Collegeville (?). I was up at 5:30 and on the road at 6:15. We began our run about 7:20 or thereabouts. It so humid that the fog was pretty thick. The fog and cloud cover kept the temperature down which helped tremendously. I was careful to start slow and keep moving and I was happy to finish and finish strong. I was able to pick up the pace considerably in the last half mile.

I think the strong finish was in large part to the gel I took at mile 3. Yes, I took the leap and tried the gel. It was a weird consistency as expected but I was able to swallow it quickly and follow with water. I didn't really like the rasperry flavor though. I went to the running store and purchased a vanilla and a strawberry-banana one to try next.

This was my last long run with my Brooks shoes. Tomorrow I will run with the Saucony's. I will retire the Brooks to 5 miles or less during vacation and replace them completely with another pair of Saucony's after vacation. They have served me well! LOL

We had a bit of drama at the end of our run today. One of our walker's brought her daughter, about 13-14, who somehow was separated from the group and missed the turn off to our meeting place. Brian, our fastest walker, continued on for about a mile to look for her but didn't see her. There are some other turn offs so she could have gone down one of those. Brian and some others went looking for a ranger to help while Helen walked down to the trail again. I went with her. We didn't get far when we saw, Rachel, coming back. She was fine and was excited that she had seen deer tracks, a wild turkey and a hummingbird. No wonder she missed the turn off. Mother and daughter were reunited with a conversation that went something like "Mom, I didn't do it on purpose. You TOLD me not to bring my cellphone!" All's well that ends well, but that was probably an interesting ride home!

Tomorrow I will go for another 9 miler as I continue to do as many back to back weekend runs as I can.

Friday, August 14, 2009

A successful road trip

I've been in State College since Tuesday for work. I had to do two presentations and they both went well. I'm also proud to say that I kept two of my three workout dates while I was out there.

A little tired now and lots to catch up. 5:30 wake up tomorrow to meet Phillyfit for 9 miles.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rain rain go away....

It started early this morning and just keep coming. So I traded my outside run for 70 minutes on the treadmill. UGH! On the bright side it was a good mental workout. And it allowed me to keep my schedule for the week.

A day off tomorrow. I leave on Tuesday afternoon for State College on a work related trip. The hotel has a workout room so hopefully I can approximate what I would have done at the gym on Tuesday and Thursday. I'll ask the hotel clerk if there is a running trail nearby. It can't be too far away though since I'm not driving myself. Worst case I guess I hit the treadmill again but I'd really rather not.

Have a nice week.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

13 miles and feeling good

What a great day!

A bit of a snag to start but nothing that could ruin it. Today marked the halfway point in the Phillyfit season. So we have a picnic. Everyone brings their favorite post run snack; not necessarily enough for everyone but we all bring something and share. The plan was to meet at Wayne's Woods, a picnic area in Valley Forge, and do our run from there. Well the best laid plans didn't plan on the gate not being open early enough. We all began parking by the Arch figuring we'd wait for the ranger to unlock the gate. We knew from experience that they opened the bathrooms at 7 so assumed the gate would be the same. A few minutes before 7 an official looking car with two uniformed people in it arrived. Using a loudspeaker a woman in the front seat told us we had to move our cars. We could not park there. We asked when the ranger would be around to open the gate. She said, "In a few, but you can't stay here". Now there were more of us than them but she had a gun. Now I doubt she would have used it of course but 13 miles was intimidating enough for one day so we got in our cars and paraded to our usual meeting spot at the visitors center.

We ran the loop (5.5 mi) and the river trail (6 miles) and more or less 1.5 miles over and back between the two. The thing about this route is it starts out on a hill. There is a lot of huffing and puffing going up that hill and then we settle in. Many in the group have watches that tell you time and distance. Some have set them to alert them when the go faster or slower then their desired pace, others have them set to alert after so much time as the alternate between running walking. At the beginning of a run when we are in a big bunch there is so much beeping going on it's rather comical.

My goal today was to finish with energy left in the tank while at the same time having a good workout. I ran to approximately 2.5 mile where there is a rather steep hill and walked the hill. At the top I stretched and then continued running to the over and back spot which is another hill up to the 422 pedestrian bridge. In this stretch I also had my first serving of raisinettes. I managed this on a flat run which is good because it's really hard to chew and breathe at the same time. I really have to try the gels/gus; they may have a weird texture but at least they'd go down quick. anyway at the hill to the 422 walkway I walked and stretched at the top then continued to run to the end of the river trail. At the turnaround I walked at ate my other bag of raisinettes. Then ran back to the walkway. Another short walk and stretching and then run back to the visitors center.

I had a great workout. I was reasonably tired but mentally I felt great. I was glad I didn't have to but I could have gone some more if I wanted to. Today's distance was 13... more or less a half marathon... and tomorrow I will run again. I'm not ready to follow this with a full marathon distance but I am confident that I will make 5 miles tomorrow. My first back to back runs.

At the picnic, Helen brought her pictures from the Goofy challenge in 2008. It really looked like they had fun.

Thanks for listening.

Friday, August 7, 2009

New shoes and a recap

I ran for 5 miles on Wednesday. Depsite the humidity it was a very good run. I took it slow to start and despite two short walk breaks finished in just under an hour. (roughly timed since i dont wear a watch when I run.

On Thursday I did an hour at the gym similar to my Tuesday workout except I worked on the bike rather than the elliptical. The bike for 30 minutes is hard!

Today, after work, I went in search of new running shoes. Brooks discontinued the Infiniti's that I like so much and I wasn't about to try the Infinti 2 off the web without trying them in person first. I went to Bryn Mawr Running Co. in Media and Zach was very helpful in pulling 4 pairs of shoes similar to my Infiniti's. I tried a pair of Ascics, Saucony, Nike and Brooks. It came down to the Brooks or the Saucony's. I went with Saucony. They have more cushion but are not heavier (as I thought they might be) It was a close call but when I tried one on each foot they just felt better. I've been wearing them around the house tonight to try to get used to them and so far it feels like I made a good choice.

I'll wear my old infiniti's which still have some life in them for my long run tomorrow (13 miles) and then wear the Saucony's for a 5 mile run on Sunday. Just in case. If all goes well with these I'll get another pair next month and start alternating in preparation for Goofy. I'll put my ING orange laces from the distance run in one pair so that I can tell them apart. :)

Keep moving and keep smiling all! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gym Workout

Not a bad one really.
25 minutes on core and upper body machines
35 minutes on the elliptical; random setting. Started out focusing on keeing my speed at a certain spot and switched to keeping my heart rate up.
I think I'll go for 60 again on Thursday and try to start increasing the time each week.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Resetting my goals

The decision to do Goofy changes my approach to training. I have three formal runs (aka races) for the remainder of 2009; Distance Run (13.1) on Sept 20, Bridge Challenge (10k) on Nov 1 and the Philadelphia Half (13.1) on November 22. My primary goals there will still be to finish and have fun. My approach to them will change however. Instead of taking off the Saturday before these races, I will run. Goofy is two days of running back to back so I have to build up my tolerance for that and most importantly work on my recovery between days.

I'm trying to work out a schedule now that has me running back to back on Saturday and Sunday and 5 miles on Wednesdays. If I struggle for the full back to back miles I'll try to make up on Wednesday so that I'll have at least the minimum that I've set for each week. I'll be working up to 33 knowing that I have to do 39.3 for Goofy.

Tuesdays and Thursdays will be gym days. These will be combination of an aerobic workout either on the elliptical or bike and an upper body/core workout. No treadmill so as to save the pounding on my joints and leg muscles. Monday and Friday will be rest days on either side of the back to back days. The next five weeks will be difficult for consistency with work trips and vacation so I'll focus those weeks on just getting miles in as much as I can and trying to maintain my current state. If I can get in 20 miles per week those weeks I'll be very happy.

I'm about ready for new shoes. Between now and the Goofy I could easily put in 500 miles so I'm going to buy two pair now and start alternating them so I'll have two pair ready for Goofy. I'll break them in over vacation since I'm sure those weeks will be low mileage but should be enough to do the job.

I really must wrap my head around the fueling issues. I'll have many weekends to figure that out though. I also have to check more closely into the Galloway method since it's likely run/walk may be the best way to get through this.