Sunday, February 28, 2016

With Five you get Friends

I had to make a choice today. 5 miles at the Valley Forge Loop with friends or 2 miles alone around my neighborhood.

Earlier in the week I was wondering if anyone would post a Sunday Runday for the group. I knew it wouldn't be me given my fail rate the past 6 weeks. And even there's no written rule that the creator of  the event must appear you kinda should especially if only one other person responds. And there being no way to predict the number before you post..... I didn't. So when Sara asked if anyone was interested in meeting for a run around the VF Loop I said I was. I truly was interested.

The more I thought about it the less interested I became. It was the friend part of the run that even kept me thinking about it at all. I wanted to see Sara and run with her but the loop kicks my butt even when I am more prepared. In my mind I planned 2 miles for today. I could have gone to VF and simply gone out and back for 2 miles. But there is something about doing a loop that begs to be completed. Neither I nor any of my running buddies would think any less of someone who turned the loop into an out and back but I am fairly certain all of us on a personal level feel the hit to the psyche when you plan the loop and turn back.

So I skipped the loop with friends and opted for 2 around the neighborhood.

I did not want to do 4 loops of my block. Mojo suicide. Instead I did 2 loops (approx 1/2 mile) with a longer 1 mile loop further into the neighborhood. I did 1 and 2 intervals this time. I began with the 1 min walk interval. Doesn't that make more sense. When only running for time it certainly does. Why end on a walk after you're all warmed up? Running for distance it doesn't always work out of course and today I was less than 30 seconds from home when a walk interval came up so I ignored it.

Only a very slight strain in my hamstring today and awesome feeling everywhere else. So life is good. In the end the route I ran came to 2.66 miles in bright sunshine. And I give myself bonus points for having to pass my house twice before I was finished.

Keep smiling and keep moving

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Rebooting (AGAIN!)

I haven't been to a group run/hike since January 17th. I've gone out on my own for 1 mile runs during February. But for the most part I've been sluggish for most of January and all of February. It is what it is.

Today I went back to my favorite hiking spot, Ridley Creek State Park. I didn't plan it out loud because I didn't really know if I was going to be motivated enough. Turns out I was. :) 

White trail roundtrip from Area #16.
Total mileage just shy of 5
Had to take a slight detour to the mansion for
a rest room break. 
It was a gorgeous day for a hike. Cold and clear. I saw three different groups of trail runners and lots of folks with their dogs. Including a couple with THREE gorgeous St. Bernard's. I wanted to take a photo but they were straining on their leashes and it was all the couple could do to keep them from jumping on me - something I was very grateful for - so I decided not to make their walk anymore challenging. 

As always, I felt good while I was out there and the feeling continues after. Hopefully the momentum carries on. :) 

Me at one of my favorite spots on the White Trail.

Plank Challenge Update - 32 minutes 40 seconds and three days to go. :)

Keep smiling and keep moving. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Library

On and off snow all day today. On the ride home from work it turned into big fluffy flakes. So beautiful. The temps were above freezing so it wasn't sticking to the road or sidewalk. There was no reason not to do a one mile run.

I've been trying to go right after work during the week before anything else distracts me. So after a quick hello to Dave, I changed and headed out the door. I felt really good too. I was noticing how unusually easy it felt and settling into dedicate the run when suddenly from the depths of my brain a little voice said "You have a 5:00 p.m. appointment with the library director today!"

Ok, I knew that. I noted it on the calendar this morning. I even spent a bit of my lunch hour today preparing for it. Yet, I came home and ran instead. What's up with that?

No time to figure it out. I was about 1/4 mile from the house. I sprints back home. I wasn't wearing a watch, nor did I have my phone, but I know this was the fastest quarter mile of my life. Late is not my thing. I had to hurry.

I usually walk in my house from work between 4:30 and 4:45. I must have been early today because it was only 4:51 when I came back in. I tore into the house calling out to Dave what happened tearing off running clothes as I ran upstairs. I changed into regular clothes. The run was only half a mile so I hoped if I left my coat on when we met maybe she wouldn't notice I was sweating a little from the sprint. It was 4:55 as I started putting on my hat and coat. I grabbed my phone ........

And noticed the indicator light was on. Yup, you guessed it. There was text from the library director. Could we change our appointment to Wed due to the weather? I texted back "Sure".

Feeling equal parts foolish and proud I changed back into my running clothes and ran a mile. Foolish for forgetting the appointment (which was important to me) and proud for making my run a priority.

I get credit for 1.5 miles today and I did 3 minutes of planking after my run. Yay me!

Keep smiling and Keep moving

Saturday, February 6, 2016

One mile at a time

When I ran my very first marathon, my buddies Doreen and Angie and I (all first time marathoners) took turns dedicating miles to various friends and family members. It was a trick we had heard about for making the miles pass. I recalled that memory on Tuesday when I decided to "just go for a mile" and realized I was thinking about my brother in law JL most of the way. (More on that in a sec). "So", I said to myself, "what would happen if I try to 'just go for a mile' and mindfully think of someone while I'm at it?"

So Tuesday's mile was for JL (even if it was an accident) he still deserves credit for helping me get out there. Just recently he told me he would like to run a 1/2 marathon with me. No pressure, just two people running just because. I love the idea and hope we can do it before one of us (me, likely cause I'm older) falls apart. Hence my motivation for forcing myself out of my January slump with one mile a day.

A word or two (or until I'm done.) about January slump. In the last 2-3 years, after starting off great with a New Years Day run with friends, I fall into a bout of low or no energy days. It's very frustrating and made more so when my FB memory feed reminds me that 4, 5, 6 years ago I ran 6+ miles frequently even during the week!!! Life is funny.

So back to dedicated miles. On Wednesday it was all about Dave who didn't even blink when I told him I was going out even though it was still dripping and foggy after all the rain all day and more on the way. He's always been that way.

Thursdays mile was consumed by a work issue and particularly an associates involved. I won't name names here it's not appropriate but that mile was over before I knew it. :)

Friday is date night and a designated rest day even if it is "just a mile".

On Saturday, I ran for time - 50 minutes - and thought about my friend Sara who was doing an indoor TRI today. Looking forward to hearing how that went.

On inspiration from Maggi at MPower Training, I'm also trying to do planks every day. I haven't done them yet today but so far this week (since Tuesday) I have a total of 5 minutes and 20 seconds of planks in 20 second intervals and a little over 6 miles running for the week.

Thanks for reading
Keep smiling and keep moving