Sunday, February 28, 2016

With Five you get Friends

I had to make a choice today. 5 miles at the Valley Forge Loop with friends or 2 miles alone around my neighborhood.

Earlier in the week I was wondering if anyone would post a Sunday Runday for the group. I knew it wouldn't be me given my fail rate the past 6 weeks. And even there's no written rule that the creator of  the event must appear you kinda should especially if only one other person responds. And there being no way to predict the number before you post..... I didn't. So when Sara asked if anyone was interested in meeting for a run around the VF Loop I said I was. I truly was interested.

The more I thought about it the less interested I became. It was the friend part of the run that even kept me thinking about it at all. I wanted to see Sara and run with her but the loop kicks my butt even when I am more prepared. In my mind I planned 2 miles for today. I could have gone to VF and simply gone out and back for 2 miles. But there is something about doing a loop that begs to be completed. Neither I nor any of my running buddies would think any less of someone who turned the loop into an out and back but I am fairly certain all of us on a personal level feel the hit to the psyche when you plan the loop and turn back.

So I skipped the loop with friends and opted for 2 around the neighborhood.

I did not want to do 4 loops of my block. Mojo suicide. Instead I did 2 loops (approx 1/2 mile) with a longer 1 mile loop further into the neighborhood. I did 1 and 2 intervals this time. I began with the 1 min walk interval. Doesn't that make more sense. When only running for time it certainly does. Why end on a walk after you're all warmed up? Running for distance it doesn't always work out of course and today I was less than 30 seconds from home when a walk interval came up so I ignored it.

Only a very slight strain in my hamstring today and awesome feeling everywhere else. So life is good. In the end the route I ran came to 2.66 miles in bright sunshine. And I give myself bonus points for having to pass my house twice before I was finished.

Keep smiling and keep moving

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