Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I O me

This is Tuesday so it must be Museum Steps workout night. Julius and Michelle from Phillyfit were there too. The group in total was a pretty good size considering just coming off the holiday. We met Giselle originally from Texas who is going to law school at Drexel. She was in much better shape and faster than us; but that's ok.

Today we did 5 up and downs; 4 around the ramps; 5 more up and downs and one suicide up and down. We finished up with some balance work and 20 pushups. Oh and it was 91 degrees out according to the Peco tower.

At the end I owed me 1 circuit around the ramps; 1 up and down and 10 pushups. I'm really going to have to get better at full pushups because bent knee pushups hurt on the hard sidewalk. I did my make up work and then Julius and I did a slow jog down hill back to Lloyd Hall. Julius also did the extra around the ramp with me.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Blue Trail - Ridley Creek State Park

This morning I set out to run on the Blue Trail at Ridley Creek State Park. Over the years I've hiked all of the trails at RCSP although in recent memory mostly the yellow and white trails. I studied the map before I left to get my bearings and then off I went. The blue trail is an out and back lollipop trail and, as I quickly found out, is not as well travelled as the others in the park. It is overgrown in some spots. I didn't mind that although I did a very thorough tick check when I got back to the car.

It begins with two decently steep descents with a small flat in between the two. I knew I'd be power hiking those on the way back. After that it settles into an up and down meandering. Next time I'll bring the camera. It had rained over night and I drove through a shower on the way to the park so the trail was wet but not messy muddy and the trees and bushes were lush and dense with humidity. RCSP is generally a quiet place to begin with and when you get on the trails it is even more so. I spooked a chipmunk in one spot, met another runner going the opposite way and one hiker with his two -fortunately friendly - dogs. On the return trip there were several fisherman out.

Fortunately I did not run into any kids on their bikes. They are not supposed to be on the unpaved trails in the park but I know they do it anyway. There were a few bad accidents in recent years. The kids thinks it's a cool place to get a thrill ride on their bikes. Unfortunately for them it's not cool it's just plain stupid given the steepness and lack of sightlines.

I really enjoyed the run. I did have to power hike the last 1/4 mile back up the hill to the parking lot and had to slow down to practially a walk in a few very rocky spots and to jump over a few tree limbs. I also went gingerly over the makeshift bridges because my shoes were so wet that I didn't want to slip but other than that I kept moving and feel really good about this run.