Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Permission to walk

I woke up tired this morning. Ok so that's kind of par for the course lately. It is what it is. I jumped ahead to this evening to think about running after work. (Not a good idea when you're tired already but if you can figure out a way to control my wandering brain let me know... like now! LOL)

Anyway the point of this ramble is that I gave myself permission to walk. I keep forgetting that I can do that. So when I arrived home, still tired, I dressed for a run with permission to walk and ended up running three quarters of the distance.

Until next time.... :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Getting by with a little help from my friends

It's been three weeks since I ran. No excuses. I just haven't been doing it. Today I went to Betzwood to see who would show up for an informal USAFit/Philly spring run. Altogether there were 5 of us. We chatted for a bit and then started out. I assumed I'd be plodding along alone as one of our group was walking and the other three are typically much faster than I. As it turned out the three other runners were not in any hurry and decided to keep pace with me. That was very kind of them for sure. I had an absolutely wonderful time. Three miles went by before I even realized it. On the return trip we went a route I had never done completely before. It was really nice and I look forward to adding it to the USAFit/Philly routes this year.

The only downer was my knee. The same one that I fell on (hard) walking around Quebec last weekend. I'm not sure if there is relation but after about 5 miles it hurt a lot .. a shooting pain. If I walked it would subside but start up again as soon as the pounding of running started again. I'll have to be careful with it and test it out later in the week.