Saturday, May 30, 2009

Philly Fit Week 2

Today was a rerun of week 1. The goal is to complete registrations where necessary and to have everyone run a 3 mile pace run to see where we fit. (And I'm going to have to remember that the name of our group is now USAFIT-Philly.) Anyway, there are 5 groups. I'm in the red group which is 10 minutes miles and slower. We also have a run/walk grou and a walker group. Then there is the 9-10 group and a sub 9 minute group.

The weather and some work obligations kept me from running on Thursday or Friday this week. Which may have been a good thing as this morning that ache in my right leg was gone. I was up earlier than expected so went to our meeting spot early and ran 3 miles by myself before the rest arrived and then did the three with the group.

I feel good! I'm really happy to back with the group again. Now I need a shower and then a walk to the grocery store and the library.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 27, 2009

I started out with a walk to get my haircut. Out and back to my house was 2 miles. Then I headed out for an easy run, planning to do a neighborhoo loop which is a little over 2 miles. As I was coming down the last stretch of that I realized I still felt really good and had some energy left so I kept going into Media and ran one loop of the 5 mile run. I had to cut off part of State Street because it's Wednesday. On Wednesdays in the summer, State Street is closed to traffic and the restaurants put out table for dining. I could have run through but I felt bad taking my sweaty self through those diners. So I detoured around all that. Still, with the additional distance from home to the loop my total for the night running was about 5 miles and walking 2 miles.

The outside of my lower right leg was sore when I was walking. When I started running it went away. But as I sit here (almost three hours later) it feels sore again. :(

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Life after my first marathon

I say 'first' because I hope someday to run another one. However, for 2009 I've pretty much decided that half marathon will be the upper limit on distance. We shall see.

Despite a very inconsistent winter after the marathon, I had a great run at Broad Street and again yesterday at the Lansdowne 5k. I'm encouraged that this will be a good year! I'll use this blog to log my thoughts about training.