Saturday, February 27, 2016

Rebooting (AGAIN!)

I haven't been to a group run/hike since January 17th. I've gone out on my own for 1 mile runs during February. But for the most part I've been sluggish for most of January and all of February. It is what it is.

Today I went back to my favorite hiking spot, Ridley Creek State Park. I didn't plan it out loud because I didn't really know if I was going to be motivated enough. Turns out I was. :) 

White trail roundtrip from Area #16.
Total mileage just shy of 5
Had to take a slight detour to the mansion for
a rest room break. 
It was a gorgeous day for a hike. Cold and clear. I saw three different groups of trail runners and lots of folks with their dogs. Including a couple with THREE gorgeous St. Bernard's. I wanted to take a photo but they were straining on their leashes and it was all the couple could do to keep them from jumping on me - something I was very grateful for - so I decided not to make their walk anymore challenging. 

As always, I felt good while I was out there and the feeling continues after. Hopefully the momentum carries on. :) 

Me at one of my favorite spots on the White Trail.

Plank Challenge Update - 32 minutes 40 seconds and three days to go. :)

Keep smiling and keep moving. 

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