Saturday, August 15, 2009

9 miles, 100% humidity, 1 lost (and found) teenage

Today we ran for 9 miles at Oaks. 9 miles is just a bit short of the CVS on Rt 29 in Collegeville (?). I was up at 5:30 and on the road at 6:15. We began our run about 7:20 or thereabouts. It so humid that the fog was pretty thick. The fog and cloud cover kept the temperature down which helped tremendously. I was careful to start slow and keep moving and I was happy to finish and finish strong. I was able to pick up the pace considerably in the last half mile.

I think the strong finish was in large part to the gel I took at mile 3. Yes, I took the leap and tried the gel. It was a weird consistency as expected but I was able to swallow it quickly and follow with water. I didn't really like the rasperry flavor though. I went to the running store and purchased a vanilla and a strawberry-banana one to try next.

This was my last long run with my Brooks shoes. Tomorrow I will run with the Saucony's. I will retire the Brooks to 5 miles or less during vacation and replace them completely with another pair of Saucony's after vacation. They have served me well! LOL

We had a bit of drama at the end of our run today. One of our walker's brought her daughter, about 13-14, who somehow was separated from the group and missed the turn off to our meeting place. Brian, our fastest walker, continued on for about a mile to look for her but didn't see her. There are some other turn offs so she could have gone down one of those. Brian and some others went looking for a ranger to help while Helen walked down to the trail again. I went with her. We didn't get far when we saw, Rachel, coming back. She was fine and was excited that she had seen deer tracks, a wild turkey and a hummingbird. No wonder she missed the turn off. Mother and daughter were reunited with a conversation that went something like "Mom, I didn't do it on purpose. You TOLD me not to bring my cellphone!" All's well that ends well, but that was probably an interesting ride home!

Tomorrow I will go for another 9 miler as I continue to do as many back to back weekend runs as I can.

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