Sunday, August 16, 2009

18 miles in less than 26 hours

This morning I went to the East-West River Drives loop (aka Martin Luther King BLVD and Kelly Drive). The loop is about 8.5miles so I added half a mile to make it an even 9. Without the fog and cloud cover it was much more difficult than yesterday's 9. However, now that it's over I don't feel any worse than I would normally feel trying to finish 9 miles in those conditions. In other words, the back to back run aspect was manageable. Today anyway.

Other things to note:
- The Saucony's held up great in their first long run. No ankle, knee or related issues. No blisters.
- Strawberry-Banana Gu is a little bit better than Raspberry.
- The last time I covered the distance from the Falls Bridge back down to the Art Museum the temperature was 60 (!!!) degrees cooler.
- I finished before the last dog . There was a fund raising event for dogs (Pink Paws or something like that) going on around the area and as I was stretching after the run and dousing myself in water the last dog and his/her master crossed the finish line. I have no idea when they started.

Coming up this week:
- Off Monday
- A gym workout on Tuesday
- 5 miles in Media on Wednesday
- 5 miles in Media on Friday
- 14 miles with USAFIT Philly on Saturday (not sure where yet)

After that I will be off until at least the following Friday. I'll be on vacation until labor day weekend. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to cover on vacation. I hope to do some but I will not let running control me. :)

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