Friday, August 7, 2009

New shoes and a recap

I ran for 5 miles on Wednesday. Depsite the humidity it was a very good run. I took it slow to start and despite two short walk breaks finished in just under an hour. (roughly timed since i dont wear a watch when I run.

On Thursday I did an hour at the gym similar to my Tuesday workout except I worked on the bike rather than the elliptical. The bike for 30 minutes is hard!

Today, after work, I went in search of new running shoes. Brooks discontinued the Infiniti's that I like so much and I wasn't about to try the Infinti 2 off the web without trying them in person first. I went to Bryn Mawr Running Co. in Media and Zach was very helpful in pulling 4 pairs of shoes similar to my Infiniti's. I tried a pair of Ascics, Saucony, Nike and Brooks. It came down to the Brooks or the Saucony's. I went with Saucony. They have more cushion but are not heavier (as I thought they might be) It was a close call but when I tried one on each foot they just felt better. I've been wearing them around the house tonight to try to get used to them and so far it feels like I made a good choice.

I'll wear my old infiniti's which still have some life in them for my long run tomorrow (13 miles) and then wear the Saucony's for a 5 mile run on Sunday. Just in case. If all goes well with these I'll get another pair next month and start alternating in preparation for Goofy. I'll put my ING orange laces from the distance run in one pair so that I can tell them apart. :)

Keep moving and keep smiling all! Have a great weekend!

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