Saturday, January 23, 2016

Blizzard 2016 Saturday (Part I)

7:00 a.m.

The heat came on several times over night. To give you an idea how cold it is, the furnace is set to 55 after 11:00 p.m. The wind brought the temps into the teens outside.

We woke up to this out our front door.

According to the radar and Action News, we are in a lull of sorts so we decided it was time to head out to remove a layer of snow. It's supposed to blizzard all day. While hydrating and coffee-ing up in preparation for snow removal part I, I checked my mail and Facebook.

"Carmen Tansey See! You wished for snow for sooooo long! See what happened???
 Paula Tansey: Rather it's all those who wished it wouldn't and made mother nature hold it in. Look what happened!"

Last night I had to leave a message for Emma because it's what we do when it snows. Here is what I found this morning ...

Me (on her timeline) "It's snowing in Media, Pa"

"Emma Pollum: Oh boy! It's 80 degrees and sunny here, and I'm heading out for my surf lessons soon. Hope you enjoy your frozen tundra!"

And with that, it's time to shovel.

1 Hour and 15 minutes later
 The walks are all cleared as well. Couldn't get the cars and the walk in the same shot.

It's hard to tell we shoveled the walks. A light snow
started just as we were finishing up. 
Our neighbor Katie came out as well and between the three of us we got all three cars and our shared and respective walks cleared. We also cleared a path from the curb to the street for our across the street neighbor who stuck her head out to scold us for blocking her in. The snowplow blocked her in. We did add to the snow plows pile in parts - not to the extent she was implying - so we did cleared a path. The three of us agreed it was easier than arguing. But somebody needs a lesson in "You'll get more if you ask nicely".

Time to defrost and eat.

Keep smiling and keep moving,

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