Saturday, January 23, 2016

Blizzard 2016 Part II

I always take photos from the front of the house. So equal time this time for the back. Very blurry because of the wind blowing the snow.

It's been a long day of sitting around doing nothing between two rounds of snow removal. Round 2 was harder than round 1 because it was windier and therefore colder.

I attempted a snow angel and it felt so good to be lying in the snow I thought about staying there. Well, it felt good (it did) AND I couldn't heft myself up without messing the angel. Dave had to rescue me. It's me. :)

We hedged our bets on dinner by going to Wawa yesterday for hoagies. The rationale being that if the power went out hoagies would mean less in and out of the fridge. The power is still on and I'm really glad we did the Wawa run anyway because i do not feel like cooking and I doubt Dave feels like cleaning up! We have some home made onion soup delivered by our neighbor to enjoy as well.

Not sure of our totals. Friends west of here are reporting 20+inches. I don't think we have that much. Maybe 15? 18 possibly? I'm not complaining. It's nice to finally have winter even if it was all in one day.

I feel bad for the shore which got hit bad with storm surge (and it's not over yet) and the folks stuck on the turnpike for hours and hours and hours. Hoping they all make it to where they need to be safely.

Keep smiling and keep moving
I'm very tired ......

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