Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Morning After - Blizzard 2016

To answer the question everyone seems to want to know..... we got about 22 inches of snow. Drifts and snow shoveled piles up to my shoulders in some places.

Today is a bright sunshiny, dry day. This will really help with  clean up efforts.

I'm glad we did our shift shoveling yesterday. It made this morning's workout easier. The snow had a little more weight to it overnight. I'm glad we only had inches instead of feet to remove. Katie from next door and Joe from two doors down helped Dave shovel out the back and we all dug out our cars in the front again this morning. The wind is still strong although nothing like yesterday.

As of right now my train to Harrisburg is still going tonight. They've cancelled 4 of the days Keystone Trains but so far not mine. I'm excited to be heading to Harrisburg which got close to 30 inches, the most in 30+ years. I'm looking forward to seeing the Susquehanna River with all the  snow.

Here are some more photos from this morning.

Wind blown snow on the new windows which held up
beautifully in the blizzard conditions

The side yard which also doesn't get much photographic attencion

Our house the morning after

Was trying to get the sun and didn't even see the
moon until just now! 

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