Sunday, January 17, 2016

You Have Nothing to Loose

One difference between training for an event and training for life. All that matters is doing something. Time and distance don't matter. :) And when you have great people to meet - folks who are genuinely glad to see you  - it's a no brainer.

So despite waking up tired and congested I knew going was the right choice. We weren't meeting until 9 and I could always walk after sending the rest on their way. After a bottle of water and a cup of coffee I felt better and with temps in the low 30s I decided to start out running.

After 4 or 5 2/1 intervals I waved the group in front of me off and activated my watch to do my own intervals. I stayed in sight if them for a good part of the remainder of the run but slowly dropped farther and farther behind. I kept an interval of running and walking but switched to 1 and 1 on the last uphill cause my heart did it's thing. Likely a result of the extra work fighting the congestion. More walking did settled it down.

My left hamstring started to get cranky toward the end (as it has been of late) but it seemed to take longer for that to happen so that's something. I'm trying to do more regular stretch and strength work on the hamstrings and the the support team (glutes, hip flexors, core etc). Gotta do more and I will.

In other news, it snowed today. A coating on the trees and lawn.

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