Friday, January 22, 2016

It's Going to Snow

Not like THIS. This happened earlier this week. A teaser for the #blizzard2016. I feel like a kid at  Christmas waiting for it. Unlike Christmas though - which for the most part really does arrive every time they say it will - snowstorms have a habit of changing direction and intensity. I've waited to post anything about it so as not to scare this one away. I think I'm safe although it hasn't started yet.

My sister texted me earlier today

"Hey! Did ya hear? We might get some snow this weekend. Hope you get to wear you boots. XOXO"

I'm extra grateful for her kind alerts since my regular snow messaging buddy, Emma is in Marakech right now. Follow her and her boyfriend on their grand adventure here. I feel an extra need to journal this storm since Emma and Matlack won't be here to see it. Stay tuned.

Stay safe, be smart all
Keep smiling and keep moving

1 comment:

  1. Looking forward to the pics and wishing we were there to see it in person!