Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bob Potts Marathon Registration Open

Registration opened yesterday (Sept 1) for Bob Potts Marathon. (click here for my previous post on why) I still want to do this one but I've decided to wait until completing RNR (9/16) and OCNJ half Marathons (9/30). At least. I may even just take my chances and wait for the Philly Half.

I'm nervous about committing to the full marathon again. Not completing 15 miles on Saturday was a good decision for that day ( and my week ) but it does leave me concerned. I was having some good long runs before vacation but I have taken a few steps back now.  I don't plan on going over 15 between now and Philly half but I feel that if my races feel good and the two 15 's I do have planned go well, I'll have some more confidence.

I found the schedule I'll follow for Bob Potts.

It's 24 weeks (I'd have to start December 10 which is perfect); three 20 milers; works on three days a week running; a drop back week every three weeks and recommends biking twice a week (Wed and Sat). I could keep my Monday and Friday rest days. The weekday runs get up as high as 10 miles but if I go out immediately after work I should be able to get most of them in before dark. It might be close a few times but I have night running gear.

Obviously I really want to do the race or I wouldn't have picked out the schedule already. There's still a niggling voice saying " Are you sure?"
Mood update: I had a very relaxing day yesterday including a nice family gathering with my sister, her two girls, my dad, stepmom, Dave and one niece's boyfriend. Last night I took allergy meds and had a drug induced 10 hour night sleep. Unfortunately that leaves me groggy for the day but it rained most of it so I was ok skipping the bike ride. I'm fidgety now but I definitely feel myself coming back.

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  1. I signed up for the Philly Marathon on April 1st and asked myself "are you sure" all the way up until the middle of June lol. My confidence came mid-training. Now I just need confidence in the weather for November 18th :))I say go for it!