Saturday, September 1, 2012

And Sometimes You Just Have to Stop and Think

This week was a rough one. At first I thought it was just post vacation blues. Although I don't usually have issues with that anything is posssible. All week I've felt anxious, a little bit stressed. I couldn't determine any reason why and that of course made it worse. I wasn't sleeping well either. My job - that I truly love - was getting on my nerves. "Keep smiling and keep moving" was the only thing that kept me from chopping off the heads of innocent bystanders. Ugh. By Friday after lunch I was a mess. I finally just stopped everything and put my head down on my desk and forced myself to try to figure it out. (and not fall asleep while doing that).

Basically I resolved that it is a kind of domino effect breakdown. Already I feel better just having identified it.

I've been back for 11 days. Upon our return the Ragweed pollen hit it's stride. Fighting it takes a lot out of me. And it is likely the reason for the unsatisfying sleep. In the mornings I opted to sleep a little extra and skip breakfast at least 4 of those 11 days. I'm one of those people for whom breakfast really IS an important meal. I've been drinking more coffee - because I feel tired - but not increasing my water intake to match. My excercise routine since returning has been uneven. I've been getting out but different things - mostly the fatigue - have gotten in the way of a full routine.

My allergy - which the doctor originally wanted me to take shots for - is more or less manageable if I hydrate, eat and sleep better. Yet I was skipping breakfast, not sleeping and not hydrating well because of the allergy. How's that for chicken and the egg syndrome! Excercise also helps manage the ragweed reaction but I haven't been consistent.

Top it off I was trying to schedule too much for today. I wanted to run 15 miles (even though I knew deep down that wasn't going to happen) I wanted to bike ride and I wanted to do my strenght excercises....but I'm tired!!!!

So the first thing I did was let me off the hook for today. I figured that 11 good miles would be sufficient and I did it. I had a decent breakfast after the run and now that I'm home and cleaned up I'm I'm going to continue hydrating and take a nap and go to my dad's to celebrate my niece's 22nd birthday.

Assuming this reboot helps I'll think about bike miles tomorrow.

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