Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

The day after labor day - the first day of school - always feels like more of the New Year to me than January 1st. Even thought I haven't been in school since 1980 (pause while you all do the math..lol... I'm 52 deal with it) I still think of this time of year as the cleaning of the slate the time.

I'm not a resolution maker so I won't be making any of those. As I get older I've learned that I can start over whenever I feel like it or whenever I don't like the way something is going. This is highly evidenced in my fitness routines. If I don't like the schedule I'm following I change it up.... as long as I keep doing something I'm good.

So Happy New Year everyone. Make it a Keep Smiling and Keep Moving kind of year!

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