Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bob Potts is Calling Me

Not the man himself. He is dead and although I do believe in ghosts I don’t think his is haunting me.

The Bob Potts Marathon keeps popping up on my radar. I’d considered running it in 2011 but ended up at the Gettysburg Marathon instead. I bounced on the idea again for this year (2012) but after a dismal fall training season in 2011 (due in large part to the hip flexor injury I didn’t know I was nursing at the time) I decided to stick to half marathons in 2012 to try to rebuild my confidence. And now once again I find myself thinking about Bob Potts for the Spring of 2013.

There are a pros and cons and one coincidence. The coincidence is that it would be my 5th Marathon and the 2013 edition will be the 5th running of the Bob Potts Marathon. That alone makes me really want to do it. And should everything else come out equal I’ll probably use that to push me over the edge. Truth be told, I’ve probably already made up my mind but I have to analyze it anyway. It’s what I do. So here are the things to consider (as of today):

o   A Spring race would give me reason to keep running over the winter. With all the awesome running folks I know, a race isn’t absolutely necessary. I enjoy their company so I’d likely run some anyway but a goal (the race) would help me be more consistent.

o   The race is scheduled for the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. So I have a built in day off after the race. I don’t have to use any vacation days. Not that I don’t have any to spare but still….

o   It’s a small race. The limit in 2012 was 500. I doubt it will increase significantly if at all in 2013. Being a back of the pack runner is tough in smaller races. I could easily end up being the back of the race which could have a demoralizing effect. Having said, that my slowest Philly full was still about 20 places faster than the last Potts finisher in 2012.

o   Will I be able to prepare for a 100 mile bike ride (July) and the marathon (May)? This is a big unknown. I can’t see why not though. Biking and running complement each other. The marathon will certainly give me incentive to be consistent with bike miles between now and Spring as I’ll likely need to back off some in the final weeks before the marathon and then pick up again when it is over.

o   The course is – for all intents and purposes – flat and on crushed stone. Those are huge plusses in my book.

o   Registration opens September 1st. That’s before I’ll have run even one of my half marathons for this year. Am I crazy to sign up anyway? Certainly it won’t sell out in days but I’m either going to or I’m not so why wait.

o   Can I really wrap my head around 26.2 again? I guess this post answers that or I wouldn’t be writing it. Still writing and doing aren’t the same.

Ok. Thanks for listening to my rambles. If you have a thought on this please share it. And stay tuned. I’ll let you know what I decide.


  1. I think writing this is part of the process of wrapping your head around it. It's not like you have to decide today!

    As for it being a small race, you know your fan club will never let you be last-- or, at the least, we wouldn't let you be last alone!

    And if you need running company on some weeknight runs, I'm close enough that we could pick a point to meet and I could run at least part of your weeknight run with you -- especially if it's dark, company is a good thing!

    Regarding the bike-- remember, you have at least some leeway with the bike ride. I still think you should set your bike goal on the MS City to Shore century, which gives you until the end of next September to train! Spread it out a little. While you can (and totally should) cross train, I would be hesitant to really ramp up the miles on the bike until after you've recovered from your marathon.

  2. Thanks Maggi. A little spooky you are but thanks :) Just today I was giving serious thought to being able to manage both in such a short time. Nothing like a little doubt to derail a plan. It's like you were reading my mind.

    Your comments make sense to me. The MS Option gives me time to do both and still have a life too! I'll have to look at the MS Ride a little closer.