Sunday, July 22, 2012

Vacation Countdown

Three weeks from today we leave for vacation. :)

We will take the Auto Train to Florida; spend a day with my sister KT and her husband Jean-Laurent (JL); the four of us will go to the Phillies - Marlins game on Aug 14. Dave will be able to check the Marlins off his list and of course get the hat to show for it. Dave and I will continue from there on to Key West. I booked our rooms this afternoon at the Grand Guest House. I've never been to Key West. Dave was there a long time ago. We will cover route 1 between Orlando and Key West on this trip. We had hoped to take route 1 all the way home but gas prices have put that out of reach this time. We'll take the auto train back home again after spending another day or two with KT and JL. I'm grateful for their generosity in letting us stop there and also for their flexibility. Family is good :)

Today I biked 15 miles. I bailed on my original plan and stuck closer to home. My legs actually felt good. I attribute that in large part to frequent stretching sessions yesterday and use of the foam roller. I don't know how I managed this long without one. The difference the next day is amazing. Still I decided the original route was too ambitious for now. Maybe in a few weeks.

Today's miles took me in and around Media. I went up and down moderate to easy hills. Just enough to keep my legs pumping but not enough to discourage me. I explored dead end streets that I wouldn't go down in a car. It was a pleasant ride. Today was a bit more humid but still cooler than it's been.

Tomorrow is a planned day off. Earlier in the week I thought I might go out for 10 to make up for this coming Wednesday's workout that I will have to miss. I'm pretty sure though that the rest day is a better idea. My legs do feel good but rest days are important and hopefully I'll be stronger in speed workout on Tuesday if I take the day off.

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  1. Key West was one of my favorite vacations! I love the water down there. Have fun!