Monday, January 16, 2017

Linvil and Indian Orchard Trails 1-16-17

It was 32 at 8:15 a.m. I wore my extremely comfy green fleece. The sun was shining brightly though and about half way in I was too warm. Not warm enough to take it off but I had to unzip it. I also brought my hiking poles today. Not because I anticipated any elevation or stream crossings that might call for them but because the trail runs along private property and I recall a few dogs last time. All with friendly owners but the poles make me less afraid of strange dogs. Note: I will never use the poles against any animal or human unless I am actually being attached but if placing the pole in front of me or across by body gives me courage ....well so be it.

Here is a link to a map of the Linvill and Indian Orchard Trails.  I parked on Spring Valley Road where it meets Linvill Road (about where you see the car on the map). From there I headed more or less west toward the main Linvilla Orchard property. The trail follows the perimiter of the Linvilla Orchards property. 

I specifically wanted to see if there was a way to get from this trail to the Chester Creek Trail I was  exploring on Friday. It turns out that the trail runs right smack into the Chester Creek Trail. I took the photo below with my back to the Linvill/Stark Mill Trail. Just ahead in the photo (just before the people in the distance) is the "tree with glasses" from Friday's walk. 

There are no signs on either the paved or wooded trails indicating that this a junction point for the two. I hope the trail managers will consider doing that in the future. For now I'll tell you that the cut off from Chester Creek Trail to the Linvill/Starch Mill Trail will come up on your right just past the 3 mile marker travelling from the Knowlton Road parking lot. I did not have to cross any no trespassing signs nor did I have to 'bend' any trail directional signs to get here. It's a legal entrance/exit from one trail to the other.

Coming away from the Linvill Property just before the Chester Creek Trail the trail name changed to Starch Mill. A quick Internet search did not reveal any information on Starch Mill. I'll try again another time. I wonder what these remains have to do with it though

Back at my car I continued onto the other side of Linvill Road past Hidden Hollow Swim Club and onto the Indian Orchard Trail. The Indian Orchard area is a former Girl Scout Camp. In fact, the SE PA Girl Scout Headquarters was at the corner of 352 and Knowlton Road for quite some time. The building is a dentist office now. The trail meanders across the Crum Run: a stream that is sometimes wide and sometimes overgrown. There are many bridges which were quite slippery. Bridge freezes before road surface, right?

Based on time and the stated mileage of these two trails I estimate I covered at least 5 miles today. My Garmin is not holding a charge these days so I have to guess. I've gotten pretty good at estimating trail distances though so I think I'm fairly close.

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