Saturday, January 21, 2017

Pickle Prediction Event - 1-21-17

Today I did some hiking around Ridley Creek State  Park with a Pickle Prediction Event tacked on for good measure.

For the uninitiated (which is likely few who actually read this blog but I need something to write about) a prediction event is where the participants predict the time it will take to complete a stated distance. The winners are those that come closest to their predicted time. It's the perfect event for back of the packers like me because one can be slow and still bring home a prize.

Run the Day - a local event organizer has been doing winter prediction runs at Ridley Creek State Park for 10 years. The park offers the opportunity for a 3-ish road event and a 3.4-ish trail event to run simultaneously. The ish-ness makes the prediction even more fun. Although I'm sure it drives some folks nuts. I am not running much these days but I knew I could power walk 3-ish miles in the hour time limit, so I signed up. I decided to go for the 'with a shirt' entry because it was a long sleeve t-shirt and I don't have enough of those.

The event was great. I did not 'win' but I had a really nice time. Being a walker on an out and back route,  I was able to cheer on my buddies as they passed me on their return to the finish.

The fog added dramatic effect to an enjoyable event. The pickle aspect of the event is two-fold. The top five predictors on the road and trail portions each received a pickle award. A pickle (or pickle wanna-be) dressed up like people. Here is a link to their Facebook page if you wan tto see what they look like. Part two is the challenge to find pickles hidden along the route and bring them back to the finish for an additional prize. It's kinda gross but also fun.

I wanted to do more than 3 miles today so I added some hiking miles at the park as well. At first my plan was to park at the Mansion and hike the yellow trail over to the event start at Area 17 - do the event - then hike back to the mansion. It was a good plan except that the Villanova game started at noon. I've missed games before but if there was a way to do it all, why not.

So I arrived at Area 17 a little after 8 am and hiked out on the yellow trail to area 16 then picked up the white trail to return to area 17. I figured 2 miles or 40 minutes whichever came first. I hit 2 miles at 38:58 and turned around to retrace my loop. I was at my car with 30 minutes to spare on the start of the event. Just enough time to swap hiking shoes for sneakers and check in to the race.

And I made it home with enough time to shower, change and make something to eat before tip-off.

-Keep Smiling and Keep Moving

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