Saturday, November 14, 2015

Running with Friends; No Breakfast

From the top left clockwise
Jeff, Maggi, Marjorie, Irene, Jennifer and me! 
About ten paces in Jeff asked why nothing was said about breakfast. He had a point. We typically have breakfast when we meet at the Collegeville Diner trail head. I thought about posting breakfast when I set it up but a) I had plans after and thought breakfast might make me late and b) I really wasn't sure who, if anyone, would show up for the run.

It was four weeks ago when I attempted a return to running with Maggi, Julius and Sara at Ft. Washington State Park. I survived that hour and then various things like home improvement projects, helping a friend move and parade practice kept me from trying again. On a whim, I posted an event for 8 am this morning just to see who might want to join in. In the end, there were 7 of us!!!!  Elaine and Sara missed our selfie photo attempt.

I had plans to go for an hour at 2:1 intervals. The group didn't seem to mind that and off we went. Irene and Jeff are the fastest but they managed to stay within 20 paces or so of us. Gotta love group running. The support means everything. It was great catching up with everyone and a fantastic way to start the weekend. It was nice to return to the trail where we (and many others) trained for miles and miles. Those really were good times. Not every day was easy but they were good times and memories.

I have promised not to put myself under pressure to train for anything specific. But when I asked Jeff, Irene, and Marjorie what they had been doing lately they mentioned the Ocean City Half. I WILL NOT sign up in advance but it would be fun to do that one again.

Today I managed to do all 20 intervals in the appropriate run or walk mode. My left hamstring was tight on the last 5 intervals. I stretched it out when I got home and I'll roll it out later. Maggi is a proponent of rolling every day regardless. I may want have to give that a try.

Nutrition: I had a full bottle of water before leaving the house. I carried a handheld for the run and drank another bottle on the way home. I did not eat breakfast before I left. I brought a peeled hard boiled egg and some grape tomatoes which I ate in the car on the way home. I feel pretty good. I skipped the pre-run coffee to avoid the obvious. Although on this particular route the Wawa and the Diner would have provided relief on that score.

Jeff, I owe you a breakfast run!!

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