Sunday, November 8, 2015

Letting Go

Warning: Long rambling post. Proceed at your own risk. 

Today I hiked with Mary and Tootsie at Ridley Creek State Park. We met at Area #16 for a loop hike on all three trails inside the main part of the park. I was using the Friends of RCSP map because I like that the trails are more clearly defined/contrasted. The coloring of the official park map is often hard to follow in the glare of the sun and/or without my glasses. 

Today we learned that the placement of the restroom symbol at area #16 is not accurate on the map. It's tough to explain in words but I'll try. The map shows that leaving on the trail as it goes alongside the restroom building will take you on a clockwise tour. It's actually the reverse. The thing that gets me is that my memory and sense of direction were telling me it was wrong. But my sense of direction (ask any family member) is generally pretty sucky so I trusted the map. I shouldn't have. In the end it didn't matter, of course. Once we realized we were not going the direction we thought we were we adjusted and hiked our intended loop in reverse of the plan. 

In other letting go moments - I am  committed to not training for any races or events in the next 12 months. I know I said that around this time last year and then broke my promise by signing up for the Super Hike as soon as registration opened February 1st. (And we know how well THAT worked out). This year I intend to mean it. To be clear, I can sign up for anything I want last minute (within 1 month of the event) but I'm not gunning for anything other than getting and staying as fit as my 55 year old body and mind will let me. If there is to be a goal it is to fight the laziness that sets in from not having an event goal. Training for life not medals. 

Well I'm happy to report so far so good. I did two body weight workouts this week (Mon and Thur) all by myself at home. Using the exercises we'd done at Bella Boot Camp I created two different routines for each day. It is so not the same doing it alone. But I did do it. Once I got past the - 'it's the end of the day do I really want to do this' feeling, it was great and I felt great after. I am determined to continue doing it while at the same time I'm really looking forward to spring when the group will hopefully re-group.

I also ran one day this week - on Wednesday - for 30 minutes.  I used my watch for the intervals (2:1) but did not look at the pace or mileage. In fact, I put the watch away without looking either. If I know the pace and distance each outing it starts to be a competition. Albeit with myself but it's not a productive competition. It's too easy to get discouraged or feel that something is wrong because one outing does not compare to another. The fact is, they just won't. Too many factors play into each one. I'm not an elite athlete training to win a race so it really doesn't matter. It only matters that I keep going. 

There is also good news about the workouts I did not do this week and last. I did not do anything the past two Saturdays. Last Saturday I worked on painting the areas that needed touching up after the window installation. Yesterday, I went to balloon practice followed by some home and Christmas shopping with Dave. And I did not fret about missing a day of working out. If you know me you may think I never worry about that (lord knows I've missed enough days over the years) but in my head it's a firestorm of debate which usually leads to self loathing and moody misery. Again, I'm not an elite athlete (I don't even play one on TV) so it's not a huge deal to switch my priorities for any given day. I can't tell you how freeing this is. 

I've also decided to try to be less of a worrier in general. Not just about fitness stuff. THIS will take lots of effort on my part but I'm going to try. I'm a first born natural worrier. My lists have lists. But the worrying only leads to conflict and doesn't produce the desired, if any, results. Sooo.... if you have any positive ju-ju to send my way this is where I'll need it most. :) 
Not enough sun for
shadow pics ;)

In non-letting it go news. We did have balloon practice yesterday. Letting go here is a really bad idea. Likely we will hear this week which balloon we will wrangle. There are 7 of us on the team this year. My college friend Theresa, who has joined us before; Therea's friend Mary, our niece Fred (aka Erin) and my sister KT and her husband JL. I am looking forward to another fun year. 

Keep smiling and keep moving

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