Saturday, May 30, 2015

Critter Hill to Warwick Park on the Horseshoe Trail.

When Alexis asked if we could start our hike from her house today. I was all for it. I was happy for company, she was on a time crunch and that meant more time for hiking.

I forgot about her driveway.

See the dip at the beginning of the elevation chart? That's down her driveway. Going out is one thing. Coming back almost 10 miles later and I was wishing for some Harry Potter-like teleportation power. It's not the climb as much as the twisty nature of the drive. It doesn't look so bad at first then you get to the bend and the damn thing just keeps going!

And I really should quit my complaining since Alexis runs this for sport. She once did a 5k distance up and down the driveway just because.

Driveway aside we had a nice hike today. The clouds and haze were kinda thick when we started but by the time we got back the sun and broken through and blue skies were abundant. As you might imagine it was pretty humid throughout. I enjoyed the opportunity to catch up and hope we get out there together again soon.

View over Crows Next Preserve

Toward the end of the hike there was finally enough sun for this

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