Sunday, June 7, 2015

Breaking the Rules

It is a sunshine on my shoulder kind of day today. After a week of gray and clouds the sun played peek-a-boo yesterday and finally broke through and washed away the clouds today.

I headed to Ridley Creek State Park. I planned to cover 8-10 miles traipsing over all three woods trails. At least that was the plan.

My stomach has been bothering me since Friday. I thought I had gotten past it but 1.5 miles in I realized I wasn't. By 5 miles I realized I needed to just go home. My head and my stomach were upset.

I broke a cardinal rule of hiking today. I didn't have a park map with me. Even though I know this park well I always stick one in my pocket. Except today. I didn't leave it on purpose I just forgot it. This is what I get for only halfheartedly laying everything out the night before.

And today is a perfect example of why you don't leave home without the map. For as well as I know the park, I was tired and didn't feel well and was having trouble picturing where I was. I knew where I was on the trail I was on but I get turned around sometimes where the trails intersect. I knew I didn't want go all the way back to the blue trail start. I ended up relying on landmarks (easier to do in Winter than now) and finding a way back to the car. However, the map would have helped identify a quicker route. Hike details here. 

At home I showered, ate a little and took a nap. I feel eh. Hopefully this too shall pass.

Keep smiling and keep moving.

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