Friday, May 29, 2015

Boot Camp: Fun or Fitness

A week or so ago I challenged the notion that “Fun” and “Boot Camp” could be used in the same sentence believably. Today I’m going to try to make you a believer.

I’ve been trying to figure out why I enjoy and look forward to our Bella Boot Camp sessions. I had doubts at the beginning about whether I could do it. I was sure I’d embarrass myself by failing to finish the session. I signed on the first day partly out of curiosity and mostly to support a friend. I surprised myself when I decided to go back. And now, after 7 sessions spread over 5 weeks I’ve discovered I like the body-weight workout. I feel stronger and more confident**. Whether the strength is in my head - a result of endorphin after effects - or real doesn’t matter. Eventually, it will be real. The big deal for now is feeling confident enough to want to stick with it and try harder.

But there has to be more to it than just the workout and being able to finish them. I’ve tried body-weight exercises before. I downloaded and attempted to get into a routine with the “You Are Your Own Gym” app but did not stick with it. So what’s the difference? Why do I want to a Bella Boot Camp when I couldn’t muster up the enthusiasm to stick with it on my own?

Having a good coach with the right mix of honesty and encouragement is a big factor. The other is that there is a group. While some might think that would be intimidating, the truth is it’s not competition it’s camaraderie. We huff, we puff, we mutter, we grunt, and we laugh. Sometimes the laughter comes at the most inopportune moments (try holding form while laughing) but it’s all good. I am at the same time aware of and oblivious to the rest of the group as we go through the workout.

Post Boot Camp Smiles 5-28-15
Does it help that the coach and most of the group regulars were friends before we started? Maybe. A little. I don’t think that’s the whole story though. I think you have to be there to understand. So I’m issuing a challenge to my readers. I am offering an opportunity for two people to attend Bella Boot Camp next Thursday, June 4th on me. There are three requirements

You have to be new to Bella Boot Camp;
You have to show up and;
You have to do the workout at your own pace and ability

First two people who request the opportunity get it. Since this blog is read through different forums, the request must come to me via email to count. Please be courteous and request it only if you can make it on Thursday, June 4th 6:30 - 7:15.

Keep smiling and keep moving

** The confidence thing may be the death of me. I leave boot camp feeling I should give the super hike the full 50K a try after all. I really think that ship has sailed though.

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