Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bootcamp and Bicycles

Yesterday a group of us participated in a bootcamp class led by our friend Maggi, a personal trainer. We agreed to be guinea pigs for Maggi's demo class. For some of us (like me) this was  a chance to learn what might be involved in a bootcamp session and for all of us to see if there was enough interest in having regular sessions going forward.

I'd like to blame Michael M for having my muscles handed to me like jello on a platter. It was Michael who commented in the days leading up to the class that he would give up his boxing/core fitness class to help Maggi in this demo. To which Maggi replied that she would try to make it worth his while.... and he said it was. But in all honestly no one is to blame for how I feel. It's not a surprise that I need to do more work like this. Also, Maggi made it clear throughout that we should all do what we could at our own pace. It's not a competition but there is definite value in doing this as a group. There was a lot of support being shared and misery really does love company. :)

My goal in attending was to stick it out for the entire 45 minutes doing the exercises to the best of my ability. I know my form was far from perfect but I was trying hard on each and every one. Immediately after class I felt used but not abused. Once I got home however, I was surprised at how difficult it was to go down stairs. Up was not too bad - it just felt like I had done a good hill workout - but the struggle to walk down the stairs was something I have not felt since the days after my first marathon.

Although I'm feeling it today I am excited to go back next week. Maggi wants to offer the classes Tuesdays and Thursdays each week. I'd like to try to go as often as my body and my schedule will allow.  I am surprised at how much I feel it today. Typically muscle soreness affects me the day after the day after. I can only hope that the intensity of the exercise is why I'm feeling it sooner. If that's not the case, tomorrow is going to be a bear!

I had set my sights on biking today. And then yesterday happened. Still, I packed a bag last night and put my bike in the back of the car. And this morning as I hobbled down the steps I still talked myself into putting the bag IN the car. As the soreness grew during the day I flip flopped on biking or not. My last outing was the National Park ride in September. Weather and schedules were keeping me off the bike despite the return of daylight saving time. I really wanted to get back on it.

Quitting time came and I gathered my things to go down to my car still not sure what I was going to do. Then I thought of two things -

  1. If I didn't at least try to ride I'd spend the evening wondering if I should have and beating myself up which is not constructive at all and 
  2. I have 28 gears on the bike! I might was well use them. No one is gonna care if I go low on a more or less flat bike path like the Chester Valley Trail. 
So I changed into riding clothes and already felt better. Stiff but better. :) There were only two obstacles left. The first was inflating the tires after a long winter off. The bike pump and I have a love hate thing going every Spring. I love having properly inflated tires and it hates doing it's job. (Ok I'ts likely user error but still.....) I persevered and won that battle. The second obstacle was getting my leg up and over the bike. Go ahead laugh. I did. After yesterday's workout my legs were having none of it. It was comical but again I stuck with it and I won. 

The ride itself was awesome. The weather was great, the views beautiful, and I didn't have to go into granny gear or even close to it. I got to ride on the new section of the Chester Valley Trail which is nicely done! All told I went 10 miles. I would have been happy with 5 or even 1 if it came to that. But 10 felt good and way better than not going at all. I'd like to thank Mother Nature for the gorgeous day. Had it been cloudy and cold or threatening to rain it would have been much harder to make this ride happen given how I feel. 

Keep smiling and keep moving

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