Saturday, April 18, 2015

Pinnacle Hike Attempt

It's probably hard to see but just about in the middle of the left photo is a white blaze showing where the trail went. Some feet to the right of that was the view on the in the right photo. And that did me in. Thousands of people hike there every year but likely none with my fear of heights. I sat with my back to the rocks for several minutes trying to convince myself I could do it. I took a step up three different times. Each time my legs began to shake, I felt dizzy and my heart rate picked up. :( I can look back now and tell myself that there was plenty of buffer between where I had to walk and the drop off. But at the time my brain could not convince the rest of me to get with it. Short of closing my eyes (not a wise choice all things considered) I could not climb up there. I knew this was a possibility going into the hike. Although from the various hike pages and blogs I read - including photos - I had myself talked into thinking I could manage it --- until I got there.

So I headed back down and wandered around on the lower part of the mountain well below the tree line. I stopped at the Eckville Shelter and walked up to and around the reservoir.

I had a very nice time but just not the time I thought I'd have. Behind me in the reservoir photo is a blue blazed trail. As I wandered around I realized it was the trail that would complete the loop had I made it all the way to the Pinnacle. (I couldn't get past Pulpit Rock). I may go back some day and try it from that direction. I have no idea how long the walk along the ridge line is. My sense is that the ridge walk is between the two overlooks so maybe, just maybe, if I come at it from this direction I can get closer to the Pinnacle Overlook.

Since my hike was finished much earlier than expected, I drove across I-78 into New Jersey and had a nice visit with my sister before taking back roads down to 95 and home. It was a great day for a hike and a drive today!

Keep smiling and keep moving

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