Friday, May 1, 2015

Super Hike Update

A few people have asked if I'm still planning to do the hike. I guess the answer is yes, kinda sorta. I'm struggling with balancing the "I really want need to do it" thoughts and the fear of a training meltdown when my schedule doesn't go as planned. The meltdown is sometimes something others can see but mostly thoughts in my head. Destructive buggers, too. I'm having some as I type this -- "Are the meltdowns real or am I just making excuses?".

I need to find some keep smiling and keep moving zen. So - after weeks and weeks of trying to identify what I need - here is how I'm kinda sorta yes gonna do it:

On one weekend each month May, June, July and August I will do a long focused hike of increasing distance. The goal is to get to 30 miles before our vacation in August. Then taper of sorts leading up to event day September 12. It's a fast ramp up yes but since I've done 24 already (albeit 6 months ago) I feel weirdly confident I can do it. And if I can't well then kinda sorta yes becomes kinda sorta maybe because I really have nothing to lose by trying.

No weekday mileage goals; no other weekend mileage goals. I will get out but I purposely want to leave myself open to walking, hiking, biking, boot camp (heaven help me) or whatever for whatever time or distance works. Structure is important but I think too much structure is what was killing me too. Maybe I've gone too far the other way. Who knows. But I'm not an elite athlete. I'm a 55 year old who has always enjoyed the outdoors and movement and really wants to keep moving and enjoying it. So there ya have it. (Whether you wanted it or not).

Meanwhile I committed to Maggi's Bella Boot Camp again for Tuesday. Just don't tell my muscles. It's best if they don't know what's coming. :)

-Keep smiling and keep moving

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