Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow day!!

You know it's a good one when the snow obscures the "Magic of Winter" sign.

My day started at 6:00 a.m. awaiting the 'office is closed' text from my boss. At 6:05 it still hadn't arrived and the snow was only just starting. I wondered if the forecast could have gotten it that wrong...again. This one seemed so certain. But without the official text - and knowing that we have been open in worse than what was coming down right then - I began preparation to go to work. 20 minutes later the message arrived. Office is closed today. So much for sleeping in on a snow day.

In that 20 minutes from wake up to text, the snow picked up considerably and fell hard until about half an hour ago. As soon as the rate of fall lessened we headed out to shovel it. We took about 6 inches off the sidewalks and car and thanked our anonymous neighbor who ran a snow blower down the entire block making the whole snow removal experience much less exhausting. I need to stay alert for an opportunity to pay it forward.

*Newsflash* mystery solved as the phantom snow blower operator just appeared in the back alley way too! His name is Mike. We know his house number now but I won't publicize it here. :) Maybe there is a batch of homemade cookies in his future :)

So today was a work at home day. I'm pleased to say I stuck to it for about 3 hours and got a lot done. Without the interruptions of phones and people that normally occur at work, it was a highly. productive 3 hours. I do not think I could be a work at home person full time though. I like the phone and people aspects of my job. But it was a nice break :)

I should have retired these boots two years ago. I kept thinking about it and well... stuff happens. I think they are trying to tell me they are tired now. LOL

Keep smiling and keep moving

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  1. That was nice of that man to snow-blow some of the snow away!
    We have a lot of snow too, and it's still snowing!