Sunday, March 1, 2015

Life is not a smooth road.

This past week has been a struggle for me. Stuff happened that caused me to reconsider my priorities. I'm not going to share what happened. I'm only telling you that it did so you'll know there is a reason for my change of focus.

Hmmm it took me awhile to find the right word to end that sentence. Focus. I like when the right word falls in place. Anyway, I came to realize that my fitness goal(s) and my involvement in creating fitness opportunities for others was unbalanced. Although I didn't realize it was unbalanced until stuff happened.

When faced with an urgent need to modify my schedule, I panicked. Not just run of the mill panic. It should not be that way. Life is not a smooth road. We have to be able to absorb the bumps and -in my opinion- if we can't then something is not right. So, I am stepping back from my duties (albeit unofficial ones) with my fitness groups and from serious training for the Super Hike.

As for the fitness groups, I'll still be supportive and encourage others in their endeavors. As for the Super Hike - it's on my calendar and I am registered and if that week comes and I'm feeling it I'll see how much I can do. But I have to approach all of it with less "Type A"ness commitment.

This is hard because while most of me is ok with this, part of me feels like I've failed. And truth is, I have. I may have been in a no win situation but it still stings.

So keep smiling and keep moving but with a little less ___________ --  haven't found this word yet.

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