Saturday, December 6, 2014

Rainy Morning on Misery and Joy

The rain held off until the last mile of today's hike.
This is taken out the care window before leaving. 
Actually it was Joy and Misery since we did our 'usual' loop in reverse today. Today was my first day back on the trails (any trails) in three weeks. In my head Joy is easier than Misery so I suggested we go the reverse route. In reality it's not that much easier just different and truthfully starting out almost always feels harder than later when your legs are warmed up. But since so much of any of this is a mind game ya gotta go with what works.

The rains held off for 5 of today's 6 miles. I had the company of Julius, Sara and Tootsie for 4 of them and we ran (walked) into Gary and Kristen V along the way. These adventures are always so much more fun with friends - even in passing.

I felt good despite the long layoff. My hips, knees and back all held up well. Even after the drive home my back is not bothering me. I'm very happy about that.

I fell twice today. Once I tripped over nothing (that I could see) and landed hard on my hands trying to keep my legs out of the muddy leaves. I'll feel that later probably. And a second time I stepped on a log and my foot went right out from under me. I'm not sure why I even stepped there. Probably yakking with friends and not paying attention. It's all good though. No damage done.

The mouthpiece popped off the hose from my hydration pack at one point and water dribbled down my leg for a few seconds while I figure out what was going on. Fortunately my friend Tootsie spotted to piece in the pile of leaves so I don't have to get a replacement.

Despite the falls and leaky water I had a great time as always. Hike details from Garmin.

Map of the route which included
a little off trail stuff at the end. 
Elevation profile

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