Monday, December 8, 2014

Slow run in the cold beats warm bike ride to nowhere beats sitting on the couch.

Tonight began what will likely become a love-hate relationship with the Olive Street Parking Garage. I walked to the garage from home to warm up. Beside the fact that warming up is a good idea it is near freezing out tonight with wind chill near 20. Once there, I ran up the stairs on the Baltimore Pike side to the top (3rd) level; around the top level to the Baker Street side and then down the steps; around the block to the Baltimore Pike stairs and repeated for a total of 4 circuits. Then I jogged home.

Details here.

Just over 2.5 miles total. Longest run on pavement in over two years and longest run period since last Bob Potts training run 18 months ago. Except for feeling lopsided - tighter on the right side - it felt good to run. And the reminder that I need to get back to strength exercises was a good thing. It felt good to get my heart rate up and feel the cold in my lungs & on my skin. There are some things about running that I miss. Like watching your breath in the beam of a headlamp. Under the influence of mind altering drugs it would probably be hours of entertainment. As it was sober me was giggling at it most of the way home. Talk about distraction!

For those betting when I will (if ever) use the bike that's now sitting on the trainer, there's still hope to win that bet. You can admit that you are betting against me. Heck, *I'm* betting against me. However, faced with the option of riding the bike to nowhere or gearing up for a stair workout in the cold .... I opted to go outside and run up and down stairs. The bike being set up and ready to go meant no excuses. I had to do something. So I've already benefited from the setting up bike without ever sitting on it...yet. Whatever works!

Oh and walking to warm up, followed by running the stairs, followed by a jog home resulted in progressively faster average pace across time tonight! Yay!

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