Monday, November 24, 2014

The Vicious Life Cycle of the Basement (And other random stuff)

Today was clean out the basement day. Our is not a finished basement and it's just too easy for things to end up there when one doesn't know what else to do with the item. Neither one of us is a slob so the basement was an orderly mess but still held things that should not be held anymore. Can't count how many times we've said "THIS is just too good to throw away".

Well, today most of that stuff was thrown away.

It was very rewarding. We still have a dusty unfinished basement but it now has much less clutter than it did at the beginning of the day.Lots of room for more 'stuff' now but that's the vicious life cycle of a basement.

My bike, which had been in the basement was moved to the spare bedroom. I decided putting up on the trainer permanently for the winter might encourage me to use it more that way. I can't use the excuse "I'm not in the mood to drag it up out of the basement and put it on the trainer" if it's already there. Here's hoping I actually do use it and don't come up with another excuse. My intentions are good anyway. I'll let you know. :)

My bike and its shadow! :)  
In other news it's supposed to snow on Wednesday evening. (Today it got into the 70s by the way.) Thursday is Thanksgiving. I love snow and snow at the parade would be awesome. I/We are a bit concerned about parking in the city if it snows more than 3 inches. We've pretty much decided that sleep on Wednesday night will be minimal. We have to be at the staging hotel at 5:00 a.m. If it's snowing when we go to bed on Wednesday we'll have to get up extra early to make sure we won't have any travel issues.

Fortunately, Thursday (post parade) is all about napping, Turkey sandwiches, napping, football,napping .... and packing. Friday we leave for Florida to spend time with KT and JL and to cheer JL at the Space Coast Marathon. It's time to return a favor....

Dave, JL and KT
cheering me on in 2010.
The year it SNOWED
at the Disney races in Florida. 
I am excited to see JL rock his first marathon distance. His goal race is Disney marathon in January. Space Coast is a supported training run with a cool medal at the end! I'm glad we can be there to support him.

Keep smiling and keep moving.

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