Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cruise by the Numbers (and other random memories)

Half-hearted apologies for vagueness. You had to be there for most of this to make sense but you will not get any more explanation than what's already here. Sister cruises are kinda like Las Vegas. 

1/31 to 2/8 2014 - the dates for the vacation (cruise was 2/2 to 2/7; 5 nights)
4 - the number of sisters
2 - it's the second cruise we've done together
9 - our seat row on both flights. Significant as birthday girl's birthdate is 9-9-63. We flew SW so seats are not pre-assigned. 
110 - % humidity upon arrival in Orlando. At least it felt that way compared to single digit humidity in Philly 
59 - pennies needed to purchase coffee at Wawa in Kissimmee! Woohoo! 
7 cruise ships arriving and leaving again and 20,000 runners (makes for LOTS of traffic)
48-3; score of the awful Super Bowl we got to watch on gigantic screen on the pool deck. No commercials.
16 - different state license plates between Kissimmee and Miami. Some car games are ingrained.
1000+ cast members only 52 from United States
3- the number of people who wanted my "no whining" shirt as we walked deck 4
3 hours and 20 minutes - time it took to replace the engine during the 10 day dry-dock prior to our cruise. The rest of the time was spent drilling the hole in the hull and welding it back together!! 
5 - number of engines on the ship

Watching Adam Joseph do the weather on GMA.
BS found the black skirt
Blue skies but it's not 20 degrees 
Navigators should really wear their glasses
Walt Disney Suite
Boat stopped; turned around - was it a medical emergency?; a stowaway?; or because that man really wanted his bud light?
Watching the sun shine across the ocean and hearing that back home there was 4-6 inches of snow
Lying about the bathrooms
Captain Thord backs the ship in to the parking space AND he admits he calls it a boat too! :)
One hour extra in Cozumel
Wine tasting - proof that I am not grown up enough to drink. 
and Glenn, Dwight, Omar, Julia, Tekla, JD (the dj), Vlada, Sascha
and Linda :(
Yoga on the beach is hard; harder even when there is a slope to the beach
Harpoon gun to toss the ropes to the dock - this was way too cool! (I amuse easily)
Butter and cheese boy
Tim, the piano player, did not know "On the way to Cape May"!
Umbrellas in her drinks

"My butt finally stopped itching"
"They always forget the youngest"
"I finally learned how to vacation"
"It's not rain, it's fairy dust"
"Yes I know it's only 7:30 a.m. I'm on vacation and I'm not driving the boat so it's ok to drink spiked coffee"
"The ship moved" - excuse for everything from drawing crooked lines to losing your balance in the hallway. 

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  1. Can't believe we have to wait another 4 years for the next one!