Sunday, December 1, 2013

Looking Ahead to 2014

Misery Loves Company read to rock n roll

Today I volunteered/cheered at a trail run called "The Dirty Bird". The race is a post Thanksgiving 15k on trails at French Creek State Park. Many of the Misery Loves Company crew were running it. Maggi and I volunteered. The race director encouraged us to come out and volunteer although it was clear when we arrived that he had everything more than covered. We were able to help at the water stops.

After the race Maggi, Julius and I went to have a bite to eat together before heading our separate ways home. Julius ran the race today. It was his last race of the season/year which led to a discussion and the idea for today's post about what I'd like to do next.
I am registered for the Tyler 10k trail race for April as I've mentioned before. Here is where I'm at besides that:

* In general I want to run trails, hike and cycle a lot. Just do it as the slogan goes.

* I want to be a more consistent and flexible exerciser. One that does not end up doing nothing because out-of-my control forces cause me to have to skip what I had planned.

* I want to ride my bike to and from work at least one day in 2014. I don't see myself as an everyday bike commuter. It'd be cool if that were possible but the nature of what I do and the lack of shower facilities make that highly unlikely on a regular basis. Still, I'd like to try at least once.

* I want to have an adventure(s) on the bike. It doesn't have to be a century but it could be. It could also be a multi day ride of my own planning or an organized event. It could be something as simple going longer each weekend to new/fun places.

* I want to run in MLC's Rode to Joy II event on May 10th.

* I more or less committed to helping to organize volunteers etc. for MLC's ultra (50k/50mile) event April 12th. I want to do a good job at that, learn more about how ultra races work, and give back to this group that has encouraged and inspired me to keep trying.

I'd also like to come up with some kind of challenge for myself along the lines of this year's effort to run, walk, hike or bike 1 mile with 50 people. I'm still working on what that might be.

I'm not a new year's resolution person. Goals like that tend to be recipes for failure. However, on a non-fitness personal note in the vein of this post:

* I would like to pursue my desire to become a mediator.

* I want to be a better listener everyday. I am good at shutting up and letting others talk but that does not always mean I listen well. I want to practice better listening.

Keep smiling and keep moving.

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