Sunday, September 9, 2012


Next Sunday, September 16 is the Rock N Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon. This will be my 5th entrance to this race. In 2008 when this race was the Philly Distance Run, it was my first ever half marathon. It was a great start to my running life.

My first two goals always will and always have been to have fun and to finish. In that order. If I don't finish for some reason I will be disappointed but if I had fun it was still a good day. Until recently I didn't know what my time goal should be (or if I should have one). On August 29th I ran the Firehouse Pickle Run in the Streets 5k. My mindset that night was to run easy and comfortable and just have fun. I finished in 32:07 in pretty much perfect running weather. When I plug that into a conversion calculator available online the result is a 2:27:45 half marathon: an average pace of 11:16. I have to say I'm not entirely sure that's realistic for me right now. My PR for the half is 2:17  and change (November 2009). However, I've missed 2:30 every half since then. Still 2:27:45 is as good a target as any so I'll leave it out there and we'll see what happens.

If you need to know what happens before I get around to posting it you can look me up on the race website probably. My bib number is 18092.

Before the race though I will be spending Wednesday - Saturday with my sisters in Ocean City New Jersey to celebreat KT;'s 50th. I'm looking forward to this time with them and for some relaxing time in the sun and the sand. The forecast is for goregeous weather. I hope to get in two small runs on the boardwalk while I'm there. Stay tuned for posts and pics.

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