Saturday, September 15, 2012

What Happens on a Sister Vacation....

From left to right (shortest on the top of course)
Christine (44), Meg (49), Katie (50) and Paula (52) 

is not for public review. So no blog details about the trip but I will share some photos of our 4 days in Ocean City New Jersey to celebrate KT's 50th.

Kt, Meg and I before we left. Christine joined us down there

One of us was not ready for walking on the beach
Guess who? :)

I found a shoe shell.... and the next day I found the left one!

Emma, this one is Hot Pink!!
Dorky lifeguard station pose #1

Dorky pose #2

The youngun's

The wise ones :)
Our camp for the week.

The reason we did not spend time on the beach
on Saturday. It was gusty to say the least.
These folks were determined however.
Pretty in Purple; Katie and Christine 

US! Left to right - Paula, Katie, Meg, Christine
The reason I had a shoe full of sand after we left the beach at Cape May.
I left my shoes on because my foot was hurting and I didn't want to aggravate
whatever it was any more with a half marathon to do the next day.

The beach :)

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  1. a great time was had by all...... except nicole, I guess.