Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Value of Running Buddies

Today I decided to run technology free. I hadn't planned on it but my watch was still searching for satelites when I was ready to go and I decided to leave it behind. I knew where I was going and was confident that my route was very close to the 10 I wanted to do. I did use my gymboss though. Heavy humidity I knew I wanted to do intervals.

There were only 4 of us present today going for 10 miles. At first I tried to push John, Mark and Sherry away because I knew I would be slow and didn't want to hold anyone back or (more likely) push too hard to keep up. They said they were heading to the loop so I headed over to the Schuykill River Trail. I was thinking I'd mesage them later today to explain and apologize. But then I hear "Paula, we're stalking you". Ha Ha. Soon though Mark and John were off ahead of us and it was just me and Sherry.

She said she hadn't been running and was happy to do my intervals. If you know Sherry, you know she's awesome at pacing others. We haven't seen each other in forever so we had an enjoyable time catching up. About 5 miles in, on the Betzwood River Trail, we ran into Mark and John. They had run up to Pawlings road and down to the far end of Betzwood trail. By their estimation they needed extra miles and so turned around and we all finished the last 5 together - at my pace :)

We covered a lot of ground not only on the trail but also in talk. We filled Sherry in on all the people she's missed this season, we discussed the value and drawbacks of GPS in the car and comparisons of internet/cable/phone service providers. 

The river trail was a bit overgrown from the days of rain last week. Even though it's likely all weeds it had a very lush feel about it. Of course that meant a few puddles too but nothing we couldn't go around. 

So I thought I was going it alone on a humid 10 miles run. I should have known better. Running friends are awesome. Everyone should have at least one and the more the merrier. I love mine! 

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