Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 6- WaWa Coffee: Cure for Persistent Cough

We decided that WaWa probably shouldn't promote that but it seemed to work for KT today. She was plagued - or maybe suffering from it - with a nasty cold these past few days. The source is likely the motel we stayed at in Miami :(   Lots of rest and husband TLC had her feeling better this morning save for a bit of cough until she had the coffee. Do the math....
We drove to St. Augustine today. Interesting old town. We took the trolley tour and dodged rain. We visited the lighthouse here but did not go up. More than twice as high with what were described as "Restful Platforms" on the way up. To me this translates to "Panic Platforms". Whose idea is it to make see-through stairs anyway?

We stopped at JT's Seafood House for dinner. Nice hole in the wall local place. Good food served up with a heavy dose of southern hospitality. The waitress managed to use some term of endearment to each of us at some point. Noticeable but not over the top. 

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