Monday, August 20, 2012

I am not a fan of amusement parks ......

Probably never will be. I AM a huge Harry Potter fan so I decided to, bite the bullet and open the wallet and go to Universal Islands of Adventure to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It was so worth it!!!!!
We arrived shortly after 10 and headed straight to Hogsmead. What a fantastic recreation. We went to the castle first as we had been warned that the line can get long quick. I don't think we were on line more than an hour and it moved the whole time. I was impressed with the use of fingerprints instead of keys for the lockers. Cool technology and handy since there really isn't a way to keep a backpack while on the ride. I remarked to Dave that a key can get lost but hopefully one will come off the ride with all one's fingers. He replied that it was good incentive to keep your hands inside the car. 

The walk to the actual ride is entertaining from talking portraits to a welcome by Dumbledore and an appearance by Harry, Ron and Hermione from out of the invisibility cloak. 

I was a little apprehensive about the ride because I am not a fan of being tossed around or made to go upside down. I did a lot of research from Google to asking people that had already been here. Still I was a little nervous. There was no need for it. The ride was awesome. Most of the effect was a screen projection and the tossing was not violent. The hardest part for me was the initial lowering of the restraint bar and the first time we went almost upside down. I'm pretty sure I cut the circulation off in Dave's hand. 

The scenes were fantastic. We rode a second time later in the day and it was equally awesome. I even noticed things I hadn't noticed the first time. We strolled through Hogsmead and had lunch at the Three Broomsticks including Frozen Butterbeer. Good stuff. 

From there we tried to get to Jurassic Park but ended up in the Lost World. So wewsent though Poseidon's Fury which was just ok. Finally finding Jurassic Park we rode the River Tour which was really cool! Reminded me of the old Pirates of the Carribean ride where you don't see the flume drop coming! Awesome and I loved it. Highly recommend. My fear of heights doesn't kick in on log flumes for some reason and I love them. 

We tried one more log flume ride in Toon Town but the line was ridiculously long and when it stopped for more than 10 minutes while we stood in a rather closed in space made to look like a mine shaft I needed to get out. So yes, I was that panicky lady making her way the wrong way through the line. 

We had a lovely dinner at Bonefish Grill with KT and JL tonight - even of JL did order succotash on purpose :(. 

Tomorrow we fly back to PA. I am really glad I don't have to go back to work until Thursday though. :)  

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