Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 5: You Can't Get There From Here..

Saturday was a day to not do a whole lot. After being on the road most of Friday we were happy to hang around in the morning and get a slow start. 

On a recommendation from Jl we headed to the Main Street Cafe in Celebration for breakfast/lunch. We tried first to visit the AAA office so Dave could get a map of the area. Dave LOVES maps. Unfortunately they were closed. 

After eating we took a walk around Celebration. There are a series of ponds here all connected by walking bridges. We wandered around the ponds and paths which meandered every which way. We saw a variety of birds and at least one alligator. The alligator was mostly submerged. Dave offered to take a photo if I stepped into the pond to get his attention. I guess 13 years is enough for him. :)

Eventually we had to admit we had no clue how to get back to where we started. We had to ask Ethel. (Some people have Siri we have Ethel). 

We arrived back at the Cafe two hours after heading out. Dave is not a walking enthusiast. He loves and is good at the umpiring and refereeing and he enjoys being outdoors but his knees get pretty cranky walking for distance. So two hours (probably about 6 miles) is a big deal. He so earned the banana cream pie for dessert and then some.

From there we went to Old Town. An interesting piece of Kissimmee to say the least. Think tacky boardwalk with rides and take it down a notch. Harmless but really weird. They were setting up for their weekly Saturday night parade of vintage cars though so we enjoyed walking around to see them. 

We headed back to KT and JL's and hung out there watching the Phillies win courtesy of MLB.TV. The Gentiles may live in Florida but their hearts are still in Philadelphia. :) 

Another slow easy morning today and the four of us are heading up to St. Augustine for the day. 

N.B. I'm proud of the fact that yesterday was a long run Saturday and although I remembered it I have no regrets missing it. Vacation is good. It helps that I had some really good days leading up to the vacation but still I'm proud to not be worried about losing momentum. I'm pretty sure the worrying (in the past) did more damage than the actual missed miles. 

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