Saturday, August 18, 2012

Living without Electricity

As we travelled the endless strip mall that is route 1 from Miami to Melbourne my mind wandered a bit. (No worries it was Dave's turn to drive. I drove us from Key West to Miami.) Anyway, somehow I started thinking about what it would be like to live without electricity. Could I do it even for a day? 

My  brother in law JL pointed out that sleeping for the day would be ok but the challenge would be living for a day. He's right. So what are the things we'd do without?

The obvious things are anything with an on off switch or that plugs in. 

Driving the car is out. Riding a bike would be ok but only during the day would it be safe. I can't imagine riding with a candle on my handlebars. :)

There wouldn't be refrigeration without electricity. So does operation of the stove, microwave and toaster oven. Would I be willing and/or able to not use them? And still eat healthy? For one day, probably. I think it becomes a challenge for most of us beyond that. 

I can't magically start a garden (have you SEEN my yard?) and I have no desire to start hunting. So assuming I am limiting myself to no personal electricity I could go to the store but it would take careful planning not to be running to the store often. That would lead to a very unproductive day. 

Plumbing is an issue as well. Bringing water to the house takes electricity somewhere along the line. Even houses with well water use a pump these days. Could I fill bottles of water the day before and get by only on that? I bet it would be hard to estimate the amount needed. Indoor plumbing is a convenience we don't even think twice about.  I'd need enough water to drink, flush the toilet, and to wash - me and the dishes. if the experiment went long enough then laundry becomes an issue too! 

It would be a hard day's work just figuring out how to manage the day without electricity. I'd likely get nothing else accomplished! On the other hand it could be a very interesting and enlightening experience.

What would you miss most in a life without electricity? What would you miss least? Do you think you could do it? I've touched on a few things....What else would be challenging? 

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  1. isn't living without electricity what's known as "camping?" Yes, you'd have to skip the flashlight, but otherwise I think that covers it. But, then again, camping is "vacation" not (daily) "living"