Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Walk in the Park

Since my return from injury layoff I have been really lacking the motivation to run on Sundays. Despite a minor success last weekend it has been a real struggle. I awoke this morning again not really wanting to but knowing that if I didn't do something I'd feel like a slug all day and ruin the day with a bad mood.

So I went to Ridley Creek State Park and power-walked the loop. How silly I am to keep forgetting how much I enjoy walking and hiking and that I can get just as much beneift out of that as I can running - more if I'm not in the mood to run.

It helps of course that it is a beautiful day but I think I may have to consider walking, hiking - or maybe even biking -on Sundays. That doesn't mean I can't run if I want but if I don't feel like I have to to get excercise time in I might have better luck. And the rest of the world will be better able to deal with me in a better mood. :)

The walk was great and I love that RCSP has real restrooms. I had to make a stop at Picnic Area 17. The path was crowdee with cylcists (polite ones thankfully), walkers, joggers, families, and chipmunks. LOTS of chipmunks today.

So the challenge now is to find new and interesting places to explore on Sundays. Anything within an hour of Media will do for a start. That leaves lots of options to keep smiling and keep moving.

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