Thursday, June 21, 2012

So I haven't kept up with schedule this week at all. It's very hot out. That's not usually an automatic bail for me but when other opporunities presented themselves it was not a tough choice. Last night Dave and I had a date for dinner. He left then for Edison NJ and won't be back until Saturday night. I leave next week on Tuesday for Chicago and won't return until Friday. So dinner out together sounded like a good idea. Tonight I took my bike up to the bike shop where Emma works. She is going to tune it up for me. I was happy that they didn't laugh at how old it is. Old or not it is still a good bike (or so she and the store owner said) He might have been schmoozing a customer but Emma would tell it like it is. LOL. We had a nice catch up dinner after that and I came home. I should be able to get it back in a week or so.

As a kid I rode my bike everywhere and all the time. I continue to ride when the kids were little. Each of them has spent time on the back of that bike. Jimmy would fall asleep. Emma not so much. How many folks do you know get bruises on their calves after riding a bike! They would if Emma was in the child seat. Anyway, except for a single ride here or there I really haven't ridden in over 12 years. The doc said it would be a good idea though. Cross training. :)

So I'm behind on my miles for this week but I'm ok with it. It's unlikely I can make up six miles on the weekend - without injury so it will just have to be what it is.


  1. Don't sweat it, Paula. That's why training schedules are so long -- they have room for weeks when it's too hot, or you're sick or in Paris or whatever. You just can't be like me and blow of the schedule 9 out of 10 times!

  2. LOL... missing for travel would be more fun than missing for heat! :) Thanks for the encouragement. I'm ok with it, really. I want to be honest with myself though and keep the good with the bad in here. Thanks for reading and commenting :)

  3. Date night is definitely a kosher excuse for not running. All I have is that I got another shot in my knee. Funny, your comment about Emma made me think of when your van broke in NH and Emma was squeezed in the back seat and Jimmy was "in the trunk". I seem to remember lots of fidgeting on the trip down to Portsmouth to the Weathervane.

    1. Yes. I believe that was the pop-rocks trip, too!