Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Philadelphia International Airport Goes Paperless?

I'm betting you don't believe that do you? Well neither did I so after loading my boarding pass onto my Ipad I printed a copy just in case. I figured if all went well today I would forgo the printing next time. 

I approached the first security check point, scanned my boarding pass off the ipad showed the agent my drivers license and was waved on. Ok this is cool. Next stop the scanners. 

I dutifully removed my shoes that I had untied after climbing the stairs to the gate level. I promised Dave I would not untie them until I was clear of any potential to ride the escalator. He had just scolded me at home for running up and down the steps with them untied. The only reason I was even wearing shoes in the house was so I wouldn't forget them. But I digress. (Are you surprised?)

Ok, I put the shoes with my uncovered Ipad and phone in the bin and sent them on their way through the scanner and resisted the urge to slide in my stockinged feet to the body scanner.  The agent yells to the crowd, "Please have your boarding passes out". Hmmm how to do that if they want the electronics to go through the scanner? I quick grabbed the paper copy which had not been marked by the first agent - due to my successful passage there with the virtual pass- so it was essentially useless but they wanted to see one so I was going to show them one. 

The gentleman in front of me set off the scanner.....because he tried to carry his phone through. "But you said you wanted to see my boarding pass and its on my phone", he said. The agent looked at him, frowned and said, "Ok put it in the bin and show me after you retrieve it." HUH? I knew the man wanted to say that but he resisted. TSA is not a group one gives a "HUH?" to.

My turn. I showed him the paper and he says " How did you get past..." I answered ( yes before he finished this was getting ridiculous) "With my Ipad which is over there because it will set off this scanner." He sighed and said go talk to him pointing to another agent. I went to the second agent - grabbing my ipad off the belt on the way. The second agent gave me a look and a shake of his head that said he realized that somebody hadn't thought this through and waved me on.  I'm still trying to figure out why they were asking for boarding passes at the scanners. Usually once you pass the first agent you are good to go until you board the plane. I heard someone ask an agent but the answer was just a shrug. I have this feeling something happened and the powers that be were quickly trying to CYA and didn't think it through.  And as I finish typing this the gate attendant just announced a half hour flight delay. Keep smiling..and stay tuned. 

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  1. PHL TSA is crazy! What if you don't have a smart phone?!