Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday May 31

Tonight I met Maggi, Julius and Sue G at Pawlings Road.
I arrived early and ran 1 slow mile then went through the stretching routine. Tonight it was in the high 70s but so much less humid that Tuesday night's run. We set out onto the Perkiomen Trail for 1.5 miles at 3/1 intervals. I was really enjoying myself. I felt comfortable. At 1.5 Maggi and I turned back while Julius and Sue continued around the Audobon Loop.

On the way back up the hill(s) heading to the Pawlings Road parking lot I felt a little tightness in my left hamstring again but way less than before. I had none on Tuesday but Tuesday's run was all flat.

Maggi and I did strecthing including seeing 'who could push their car the fartheest :) and before we were finished Julius and Sue returned .A great evening, awesome company and a good run to boot.

Tomorrow is a day off then 5 miles around the Valley Forge loop with the whole gang on Saturday.

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