Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Running - Heat Humidity

I met Helen and Mary Kay tonight for 3 miles at Betzwood. Unfortunately we didn't realize John T was coming out too. He passed us on his way out after we turned around. He must have gone longer than 3 because despite waiting around a bit after we never saw him again.

The heat and humidity made for a natural slow down of our pace. I felt great the entire run. Well ok I had a goofy twinge just above my left knee as we walked to the trail but once we started that left and has not returned. During the run I had no pain, no aches, no discomfort (except for the high humidity). Not even the hamstring tightness I've been having. I was very pleased.

After I did a quick stretch of the major weak spots (hamstrings, quads, calves) and still felt good. However, when I got home after about a 35 minute drive my groin was hurting in the 'usual' spot. I began to notice in the last few blocks when it hurt to lift my foot to the clutch. So when I got in the house I dropped to the floor almost immediately and began stretching for another 15-20 minutes. Both legs in all kinds of directions. That seemend to do the trick. I've been fine since. I guess I need to stretch longer post run. At least I'll try that next time and see what happens.

I thought I would do 2 miles tomorrow. I forgot though that we are throwing a retirement party for a co worker tomorrow. By the time we clean up and re arrange the classroom for the next day it will be late by the time I get home. I will have to re-arrange and add a mile to each of my runs on Sat and Sun I think.

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